Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Rebbe on 'Peace Now'. Part 2.

‘The wicked will have no peace, says G-d’ [Isaiah 49.17] – they offer no peace [agreements]. The intention of the Arabs terrorists are well known, as they ascertained at their recent gathering, that all the Jewish people to leave the land of Israel. This is no secret – they have said this openly and has been published everywhere, and this is known to all. This is nothing new; it is now 32 years that they have been announcing this! So it is self understood that any agreement with them will not bring to peace. Even should one agree to give in to their demands on condition that they sign a piece of paper that they are making peace for a while, as is the wish of Peace Now, not only will this not help, but this will bring actual danger onto the Jewish people.

We saw this in actuality at the time of the Six Day War; there were Jews who said that they do not want to conquer the Old City of Jerusalem. Thereafter, when there was no choice but to conquer the Old City and the rest of the territories, the government of Israel immediately sent messengers to Washington to London and to Paris to make it known that their intention is to return everything. The only reason why they did in fact not return these was because gentiles have no real freedom of choice - ‘the heart of kings and princes is in the hands of G-d’, and G-d did not permit them to take these!

But the Arabs knew that they had sent this delegation [to surrender more land] and this gave them the fortitude to continue their acts of terror until this very day, becoming progressively more aggressive, May G-d protect us! It is not as those who are mistaken think that terror is only a recent phenomenon – this is absolutely untrue. Terror continues month by month from the time of the Six Day War, from when the Arabs were encouraged when they became aware that the Jews are afraid of them, and therefore are sending emissaries to give in! This is how it spins forward; whenever Jews conquered some land from the Arabs, - they offer the gentiles to surrender that which was conquered, stating that they want peace, justice and integrity. Each of these occasions gives further fortitude and strength to the Arabs, to the point that they killed a Jew, a yeshiva boy, in the centre of Hebron!

Peace Now brings actual danger onto the Jewish people and onto the Land, and yet, they continue forward demanding lands be given to the Arabs in return for that piece of paper which states that we are making peace. It is not enough for them the lands which were already surrendered with the oil wells, which weakened security. They do all this arguing that in return we will receive peace NOW. And since the Jews are a wise nation they argue, they will certainly be able to sort things out without oil and without land security. This is the greatest delusion that in return for surrender we will get peace – we see openly what Arab intentions are! Even if we were to say [in reality this is not the situation] that in return we are in receipt of a temporary real peace, as Peace Now argue, it is well known that when we are discussing a matter which is ongoing, one does not focus on the present, but how this goes into the future, into which direction this will move. If the present is not good but is moving to the good, one takes this into consideration. In the same way, if the present situation is good, one but is deteriorating, one takes this into consideration. Our situation is the same: we see where the surrender to the Arabs is leading. Even if one were to delude ones-self that at present there is peace now, this makes no difference, because we see that we are moving further into a negative situation, since their intention is not one of peace, but to eradicate the Jewish people from the land of Israel.

[From the farbrengen of Shabbos Parshas Shelach, 1980]

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Rebbe on ‘Peace Now’ Part 1

Peace Now. Giving the Land away.

The weekly portion [Shlach] tells the story of the spies from which we learn a real message for our times. By way of introduction: The story of the spies took place whilst the Jewish People were not in Israel but in the desert and were not short of anything. They ate manna, a food without any waste; they drank water from the well of Miriam and benefited for the Clouds of Glory which destroyed the snakes and scorpions, straightened their way forward and un-soiled their clothes. When they stood on the thresh-hold of entering and conquering the Land they sent out spies to investigate. Upon their return the spies recommended that it is better to remain where they are with all the benefits and not to endanger themselves by entering the Land, because, the nation there are powerful, and the land devours its inhabitants. The intention of the spies was to prevent the people from being endangered. In reality however the very opposite took place. It was the spies who endangered the Jewish People! The message for our times is simple. In those times the Jewish people were still in the desert where they had all the benefits so the spies argued to remain there. In contrast today, G-d has handed to the Jewish People the Land of Israel [not however ‘independent’ since never has there been such dependence on the gentiles as now. Yet, in a spiritual sense the Jewish People are the masters [with some control in material matters].

Now there arrive some Jews who scream “peace now!” They are joined by the communists and Arabs who demand that Israel must hand over portions of the Land of Israel from the sovereignty of Israel. They do not say be passive, as the spies argued to remain in the desert, but they argue to actually give away the sovereignty of the land of Israel! The argument of the Peace Now - as is the argument of the communists and Arabs is based exactly on the thinking of the spies in their time that the nation inhabiting the land is too powerful for us to overwhelm. Do not conquer and put down roots in the land of Israel! Since there dwell in Jerusalem 60,000 Arabs [in1980] they are far more powerful than the Jewish people living there, quoting the spies – “they are stronger than us”, therefore Jews must not be allowed to live in the Old City [of Jerusalem]. If Jewish people already live there, they should be evicted by all means available. The Old City must be given away, including the Temple Mount and the spot of the holy of Holies – to the Arabs! They raise the same argument about Hebron. Since there live there 50,000 Arabs [1980], they are stronger than the Jews who live there. And they raise further arguments in favour of the Arabs – that they are descendents of Abraham the patriarch who is buried in the Cave of Machpela in Hebron. Therefore, we must not allow Jews to live there, and those that are there already must be thrown out! They argue further that any lands that the Arabs demand must be handed over to them, since they are more powerful than our selves! The spies argued: “All the peoples whom we saw there are giants who fell from the skies – one is a giant murderer, the second is a giant in armed robbery, the third is a giant thief, the fourth a great diplomat, one knows many languages, and more. And on top of all these arguments they announce ‘Peace Now!’ In addition to all their arguments they offer peace, and the peace will be NOW – peace unto Israel! And more! They argue that giving away the lands to the Arabs is human justice! Thereby danger to the Jewish People will be averted since it is a land which devours its inhabitants. If we annoy the Arabs and not give in to them their demands - they will eat us alive. And if we do give in to them, giving the land away, there will be peace NOW! Who argues this? Jews and Jewish communists. These people bring down terrible danger onto Jews and onto the Land.

These people are the ‘demolishers and destroyer’ from amongst the Jewish people and of the land of Israel. Yet they shout peace now. There is nothing greater than peace, but G-d says [Isaiah 39.17] ‘, The wicked have no peace [to offer!]’.
[From the farbrengen of Shabbos Parshas Shelach, 1980]

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Danger from Egypt ! The Rebbe receives inside information.

[In view of the danger erupting this very week from the Egyptian advancing thousands of troops to the Israel borders, we bring the following talk spoken [Purim 1985] by the Lubavitcher Rebbe after the secret ‘London Agreement’ to hand over further territories to the enemy].

The government of Israel is handing over to gentiles [Egypt] territories which belong to the Land of Israel, land which was given by G-d as an everlasting inheritance to the entire Jewish people from the generation who were present at the Revelation at Mount Sinai right up until the generation who will receive the Moshiach. Such transaction is very grave. More so: even according to the view of those who argue ‘we should be like all the nations’ [a nation defined by land-ownership], such a step creates a dire security risk for Israel and her inhabitants. Returning strategic territories to Egypt endangers the security of three million Jews [May they increase] dwelling in the Holy Land.

In addition to all of this, the Israel government returned to Egypt all of the oil wells after great efforts were expended by Jewish people in opening the oil wells and huge financial investments made, including monies donated by Jewish people in the Kol Nidre Appeal [on Yom Kippur]. For this they sullied the relationship with one of the Jewish magnates who invested huge sums of money. Until even today it is not know if they healed the relationship, given that oil is the most basic commodity for Israel’s existence, including the four holy cities of Jerusalem, Hebron, Tzfas and Tiberius and all other towns where Jewish people dwell. We are speaking now from a purely economic point of view of dependence on oil even in times of peace and certainly from a security point of view when the need arises to activate weapons! Even more severe, they gave instructions that the return of the territories and oil wells will be no more than a loan to be proclaimed at a joyous ceremony and gatherings of happiness. What did they receive in return for this? A signature on a peace contract with two signatures of each side and an intermediary. They knew very well how little faith could be put on this signature. Today we see the consequential results.

At the very time as they were proceeding with signing this agreement, I received clear information of the proposed plan [not from those actually in the negotiations but from both Jews and non-Jews who have free access in government circles in Washington who did not hesitate to endanger their political positions by handing over to me this information]. I issued a most powerful protest against these proposed plans and explained my words fully, namely, that this proposition creates a serious threat to the security of Jewish people in the townships of Israel. Essentially, there was nothing new here. Those that brought about the signing the agreement knew very well the great security danger to the land of Israel tied up with returning the territories and the oil wells to Egypt. Yet, regardless, the representative of the Israel government decided to endanger the security of Jews living in Israel putting their lives at risk, May G-d protect us, - just in order to get a signature of a peace agreement. It is well know who lead these talks, who were those who decided to accept these agreements and the reasons which motivated them to do this.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Israel Government making deals with Murderers and Terrorist

The Shomron
[The following two talks were spoken [Purim 1985] by the Lubavitcher Rebbe after the secret ‘London Agreement’ to hand over further territories to the enemy].

Rather than initiating a policy of uniting the Shomron now that Jewish people have merited living in areas of Yehuda and Shomron and surrounding them with protective walls and authorising many new cities in Israel to draw down blessing; instead of this, the government of Israel is running after [not just gentiles, but] murderers and terrorists, in order to find favour in their eyes they should just agree to take from us areas of land in Judah and Shomron! And that’s not all. They have no shame in doing this openly and in public! Such a downtrodden situation of bowing before the gentile in such a disgraceful fashion has never taken place even outside of Israel in the exile! And most shocking - they still argue that this is the beginning of the Redemption! They announce: Arise and join us – we are ready for anything: a joint government – we will train together, autonomy, the main point being that we should be able to sit together round a table with those murderers and terrorists! They themselves know that they are murderers and terrorists, that after they will promise and sign they are not to be relied upon. That even after they will have the signed document in their hands, this has no more value than a bit of paper!

This is analogous to a man sitting round a table with a murderer to come to an agreement, and at that very moment the murderer holds in his hand a dagger and stabs him!

The staggering thing is that they will not learn from past mistakes. This is not the first time that they want to return territories in return for a peace agreement. There is a precedent with the signing the fateful Camp David contract [strangely the location is named after David, King of Israel!] where they returned to Egypt everything in return for a signature for peace. Today, everyone is in agreement what a severe mistake this was. Yet, nevertheless the government of Israel continues in the same path now in connection with Yehuda and the Shomron.

It is worth while that we make mention of some of the outcomes of that contract with Egypt in order to open their eyes. Jewish people who toiled, laboured and sweated to build new towns in the land of Israel - were expelled from their homes and lands, men, women, and children! And that is not all: the government forced soldiers who are prepared to sacrifice their lives in order to protect the land of Israel and those that dwell there, - that they must expel Jews from their homes in the land of Israel! Young soldiers who go with innocent and pure hearts to protect the land and those that dwell there, putting their lives at risk, are forced [using the fact that they are obliged to obey orders to men of flesh and blood] to do this! For what? To give these lands to gentiles, amongst them Egypt, the root of all Exiles. Every Exile which Jews have suffered, Babylon, Media, Greece, the West; the source of all of this tragic history was Egypt!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

So Jacob had a dream! Does this mean that Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish People?

Someone once came here for a visit and asked me, how do I substantiate my words to the extent that they should be spoken in the UN, that Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish people? G-d said to our patriarch Yaakov ‘And you should spread forth to the West, and to the East, to the North and to the South’, and ‘To you will I give her [Israel] and to your children’, spoken on his way to Haran, when he was tired and exhausted from the journey. As usual, when one sleeps, one dreams! Therefore, he asked me: ‘Just because Yaakov had a dream, does this mean that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews?’

I answered him: It is well known, that the power of prophecy is attained specifically during sleep. Maimonides explains [Laws of the fundamentals of Torah Chap.7.2] that all prophets spoke prophetic words either at night whilst sleeping, or by day in a state of loss of consciousness. Only in such a condition were they able to receive prophecy. For in order for the spirit of prophecy to rest on a prophet, he had to be in a state whereby his material shell was put away to sleep. Thus it was with Yaakov: All of the patriarchs were a vehicle – their conscious awareness was immersed into the extra-universal energy which flows into and moves the cosmos [not subjected to the concealment imposed by the curtain of earth’s matter]. His life was a continuum of wakefulness to the flow of G-d’s life force. Therefore, also during times of sleep when dreams occur, he was mindful of this spiritual vitality.

The gentiles already understand that Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Now, all that remains is to convince Jews of this. Gentiles know that the connection which Arabs have to Israel began only when they came to Israel, just a few hundred years ago, no more. Additionally, even the Arabs who live around Israel, as for example, Egypt, are not the Egyptians of time gone by. These are a different nation from a different root, with no connection to the ancient Egyptians. Substantially different however is the bond of the Jewish people with the land of Israel beginning with the Revelation at Sinai, and before, when G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, gave the land to the Jewish People. Even gentiles know this, and that the dream which Jacob had was the factual truth, and that the entire world is a subsidiary to make this dream a reality!

But it is the Jew who argues that he does not believe this! So, one is bound to exclaim: ‘What are you doing in the Land of Israel? Go to Chutz La-aretz [out of Israel]! There from your viewpoint it will be better! [From your mindset] How is the holiness of the land of Israel in any way more of greater value than outside of Israel? Indeed, there are so many Israelis who have left Israel, most of whom did not have this faith in the Land.

[Spoken at the farbrengen Parshas Tzav, 1976]

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stand with strength! Interview with the Gerrer Rebbe. 9 Elul 1978

The Rebbe: I wish for a strong standing and determination with all matters pertaining to peace. [Liquor was brought in and the Gerrer Rebbe said: ‘LeChaim, May it be a good year.

The Rebbe: Visible and revealed good, Lechaim]. We mentioned determination [leading to] and peace. Since you are the elder of the Chassidic Rebbes in the Land of Israel, it would be worthy that you go public and publicise with determination the Law of Shulchan Aruch that when [an enemy army approaches] asking for no more than straw and stubble the law demands a stand with weapons of war, and ‘there befall them fear and trepidation’.

The Gerrer Rebbe: Yes, in fact we see that the Song [at the splitting of the sea] is written in the past tense, with the phrase ‘there befall them fear and trepidation’ in the present, [the Rebbe pointed out that this is written in the future tense]. Meaning, the Song relates to the past, while G-d throwing His fear has to be in our times.

The Rebbe: Since there are those who are fearful and weak hearted and we need to be assured that they will not weaken the hearts of their brothers, there is a need to publicise this law, [not specifically bound up with the holiness of the Land] applicable to any concentration of Jewish people [even outside of Israel], even on Shabbos to go out armed, even when they want no more than cattle fodder, because they are on the border. Such a public notification will have a strong effect. Now is the time! Firstly, we read this in the Torah this last Shabbos [Shoftim], that the Cohen, the leader or judge must strengthen the people. Secondly, this will bring a benefit that the weak hearted will not mix in. I once said regarding the weak hearted, surely they should do something so simple: convince them that there is nothing to be afraid of! Yet, we see that the Torah says the opposite: ‘he must go and return to his home’. There is no time to change his mind to ensure that he will not melt the hearts of his brothers as his. He can go home and do so many good things at home. Were you to go out with the strength of Kings – The Rabbis, with all the fortitude of Jewish law, this would have its effect above, and have a responsive effect below.

The Gerrer Rebbe: ‘The Kings are the Rabbis’ is stated in the plural. The intent is not [that] just one should make such a stand.

The Rebbe: I will make the effort to find several more. There are already more. What is needed is that one should go out with strength. You mentioned earlier that many matters connected with the fear of G-d have become easier. Efforts must be made. Everyone is in agreement that this is life threatening.

The Gerrer Rebbe: Perhaps you should come to Eretz Israel and work on this?

The Rebbe: [With a smile]: I will put in my efforts to effect change from here, where there are also those who are fearful and weak hearted. Now is the time to do this.

The Gerrer Rebbe: We are working on this already.

The Rebbe: But only in secret. The path to peace, ‘I will give peace in the Land’ is ‘I will lead you upright’ - ‘With an upheld head’ [publicly] [Rashi]. My father-in-law once gave an analogy of a lantern. When this stands in the middle of the street, people and Jews gather around. When the lantern is not in the middle of the street, people don’t see, and we don’t know who agrees and who disagrees. If we know the law, it must be publicised with strength of Kings – The Rabbis. [There will be much more than a few tens!]

The Gerrer Rebbe: There is the organization of the Moetzes G’dolei HaTorah [The Council of the Torah Greats]?

The Rebbe: Till they get round to publicising this, it will take a long time. They will make a meeting, bring a secretary, etc and all the other good things. It is documented that the laws of the Beis Yosef [author of the Shulchan Aruch] were decided with 200 Rabbis of great standing. So there are already 200 who believe in this!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ariel Sharon. Interview with the Rebbe

The Lubavitcher Rebbe showed extraordinary knowledge regarding military matters ongoing in Israel, in areas of security, politics and those pertaining to international affairs, specifically those connected to instructions emanating from Washington. Moreover, the Rebbe showed knowledge down to the minutest details of the military confrontations that took place during the Six Day War.

The Rebbe said to Commander Sharon: “It will be our greatest insanity if we were to retreat from the new borders. It will expose the lack of trust of the government of Israel; lack of faith in our own strength will only invite external pressure upon us. It is imperative to stop trying to find favour in the eyes of the gentile nations. This has never helped in the past; neither will it ever help for the future. The indecisiveness in Israel must stop. It is obligatory to uproot the mentality of exile [slavery to the gentile nations] from the Land of Israel. Were the government of Israel to decide to inhabit the freed territories and come out with call to world Jewry to come and settle these lands, I am certain that half a million young Jewish people would respond to this challenge”.

With regard to the various solutions which have been forwarded which call for a full or partial retreat by Israel, the Lubavitcher Rebbe said: “This plans will bring about a sharpening of tension in the future. These are solutions run contrary to the natural path”. In the view of the Rebbe, Israel today lies within its natural borders.

With pain did the Rebbe continue: “Every matter which is decided by the government of Israel is known immediately to the gentiles. He turned to Commander Sharon with the question: “Why does the military not present its view more forcefully regarding the [security of the present] borders?” Sharon replied: “This is a political decision”. The Rebbe interrupted him with a wave of his hand in dismissal: “This is not a matter of politics, this is one of security. I believe with perfect faith that we are able, and we must inhabit these territories”.

[From an interview with Mr. Ariel Sharon, re-printed from the publication ‘The Rebbe – Thirty Years of Leadership’, page 112.]

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A lesson in values and strategy for the Israel Government

You need to make a stand with all the military power G-d has granted you. When ‘we will stand by the banner of our G-d’, and ‘we will invoke the name of our G-d’ [Psalms 20.6 & 8], then the enemy [‘the hands of Esau’] will become null and void.

Hand in hand with reliance on G-d, weaponry is vital [Shulchan Aruch: Go out to attack fully armed!] as we find that this was the stance taken by our Patriarch Yaakov. When he was about to meet with Esau he prepared with both prayer, gifts and for war. Initially with prayer, then with gifts and then, if necessary, for war. We must learn from our ancestors, from Yaakov. That together with prayer, the enemy must know that we are prepared to go out to war. When we are prepared, and equipped for war, there will be no war! Exactly as we saw what took place with Yaakov, that Esau never ever went our to war against him when they met, but instead, kissed him, and then he went on his way, and Yaakov and his entourage went to live in the Holy Land.

We see what is going on in the Holy Land of late. The moment they submit to pressure – this is an invitation to further pressure, to killings, of many Jewish souls, as took place in the Yom Kippur War.

May we not have to rely on miracles as was in the past when Jews wanted to cede parts of Israel, G-d acted miraculously and the gentiles were not in agreement to take [because they wanted everything]. Never should we be prepared to relinquish land from within the borders of Israel.

Specifically with this method – not by submitting to pressure which will only result in human sacrifices and to further exertion of pressure; but rather with a powerful stand not to forsake one inch of the Holy land. Only in this way will wars be averted and ‘no man will go missing’, not even one [- an entire world]. Not only does a strong stand prevent wars, but, in addition, nullifies all pressure to such an extent that those who previously initiated the pressure ultimately offer assistance, as we have seen on so many previous occasions.

‘All nations of the world will see the Name of G-d upon you and will fear you’ when the nations will see Jewish People pre-occupied with Torah and declaring openly [their allegiance] to G-d, calling to G-d, they will fear you.

This is the only way to bring true peace at the end of these days of the exile when there will be the fulfilment of the Divine Promise: ‘In the end Israel will repent at the end of the exile with the true and full redemption through our righteous Moshiach. [From the farbrengen tenth Tevet 1978]

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Government of Israel silenced a murder!

The issue [of not returning land] is not because of the holiness of Jerusalem, ‘but rather that the Land not be easily conquered by them’. Those that say it is permissible to relinquish an inch of land in the Golan, Yehuda and the Shomron, are offering their Halachic permit to the Temple Mount, the Old City of Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Kfar Chabad, Kiryat Sanz, and all of Israel, because each location which they may wish to relinquish, the law applies that ‘from there the entire land will be accessible to be conquered’. People come and publicise that this law applies only to Yehuda and the Shomron, and is not linked to the laws of Shabbos. This is absolutely contrary to what is written in Shulchan Aruch. All the above reasons bring the danger into Bnei Brak, Kfar Chabad, Tel Aviv, Hadera, Natzeret, on the Old and New City of Jerusalem, and the entire Land, May this never happen!

When they silenced the murder of Salma and convinced themselves that thereby there will be quiet, they went a step further stating that this policy will bring peace to Israel and that this is the way to bring true peace, May G-d Protect us! This is what brought about the second murder in the City of our Patriarchs, Hebron! Thirty six hours have already gone bye yet we have not heard of any act taken, just one meeting after the next. How did they finally punish the inciter? They took him and threw him to be amongst his brother Arabs. Instead of keeping him in jail in Hebron, they expelled him [ - the mayor of Hebron, to Jordan] to be amongst his fellow Arabs when he is free to give him opinions, plot and incite others – all in the name of the Mayor of Hebron, City of the Patriarchs! Why did the Israel Government choose to free him? There he is able to cause much more damage to Israel then had he been kept in prison?

The reason they kept this quiet is not for the benefit of Jews, to the contrary: They have no regard for Jews. That some youngsters will come and protest – they will let them protest – and thereafter the Israel government will continue the way they want. Initially they will have no choice so they will let the youth take hold of a piece of land, and after a few weeks the order for them to be evicted will be given. Why did they keep silent about the murder? They are afraid that Washington will hear that they have no strength left, to the degree that a young Jew is shot dead and Jews are being killed by shootings and hand grenades in the middle of the night in an open spot where 60 – 70 inhabitants live. These goings on are published outside of Israel even before be published in Israel because there they try to keep this secret or at lease to delay publication several hours. However when the incident has gone public outside of Israel they have no choice but to let it be published in Israel.

They tried to hide the fact, but to no avail: America saw what sort of rag cloth the government is! Israel is being trodden on the head - Jews are being murdered in the City of the Patriarchs - and the Government of Israel responds with nothing!!

[From the farbrengen Motzoi Lag BeOmer 1980]

Sunday, August 13, 2006

How the Israel Govenment thinks

A shocking incident took place in the city of Hebron: A boy [Yehoshua Salma] was shot [dead] May G-d avenge his blood. He was unarmed, in the city! This incident itself shows us with whom we are dealing. Apart from this, even before the murder, the [Arab] mayors of the city and the surrounding towns spoke openly of their intent; now it has taken place. No-one should dare argue that we are at peace, and that all Arabs, specifically those in the city who have blood on their hands, will even be lovers of Israel! Suffice to say that G-d’s hand was there for all to see, clear as the sun, [with whom we are dealing]. Indeed, this is apparent to entire world community. Yet, there remain still some individuals, to our sorrow, are guided by their crude nature, who remain unmoved by this affair. More: they know even today the whereabouts of the perpetrator of this murder. The entire world is aware that there are outstanding spies, who know how to perform in secret, matters that require stealth and secrecy, as in discovering the identity of an enemy, with the Mossad and Shabak.

Now several weeks have elapsed, with all of the praiseworthy security services, and they have not yet found the one who shot that Yeshiva boy! The sole reason for not finding him is this: they do not want to find the murderer as they are fearful of what the gentiles will say if they do find him and will be forced to take punitive action. That is why they ‘are not finding him!’ The murder took place in the middle of the city, not in a desert, where there are underground connections and co-partners amongst the Arabs with information of every thing that is taking place undercover, still – they announce: We don’t know, we cannot find him, and take no action against the one who shot Yehoshua Salma, May G-d avenge his blood! The matter deteriorated to such an extent that the following day the entire incident left the pages of the newspapers! They completely stopped talking of any security responsibility to find the murderer and accessories to the crime and the need to respond with appropriate action to teach them a lesson they will remember.

What is even more incomprehensible: it is well known that when they were searching for Yoselle Schumacher – they took no notice of world opinion. They took their mind away from the security of three million Jewish souls in the Holy Land, and instead they sent their spies to traverse the entire world at huge expense to find the well known Yoselle. Yet, now, we are dealing with bloodshed in the City of the Patriarchs, weeks have elapsed, and no-one makes a murmur of where is the murderer! The only discussion is, was this initially intended or not, to find the murderer? They were fearful of him being found, even with all avenues are available through covert spies in the Arab camp. I am hereby not exposing anything new, this is known to all. Yet, there is a further opinion: they know who committed the murder, and where he can be found. However, if they publicise this they will have no choice but to capture him. But, since they will thereby possibly upset so and so [one of Israel’s enemy ‘peace partners’], they decided to stop talking of this so that the entire incident be forgotten in order that silence and peace will continue to prevail, as they call this ‘peace on Israel’.

Is this the sort of peace for which they [the Israel government] goes for, to overlook all [killings]? Absolutely yes! They want to overlook everything, not as is the view of those who mistakenly believe that this will stop at the door to Jerusalem, the Holy City. It is a foregone conclusion that they intend to cede Jerusalem!! They are only waiting for the appropriate moment that the storms will settle, then they will prepare the wording – with the help of several diplomats and politicians, to offer this on such a tray whereby they will speak of incidental irrelevant side issues with no emphasis on the true central issue, that they are giving away Jerusalem the Holy City; and in such a way, that no one will even notice, in order that there will be no complaints [From the farbrengen Motzoi Lag BeOmer 1980]

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not relinquishing the Land is bound up with faith in G-d.

The Holy Land is ‘The land into which the eyes of G-d continuously gaze from the beginning of the year until the end of the year’. Since this is ‘The palace of the King’ it becomes even more important that all vital decisions concerning this land be made strictly in accord with the command of the King [G-d]. This is highly relevant to the territories along the borders of Eretz Israel. It is forbidden to relinquish any parcel of land to a gentile [this being a negative commandment of Torah – Lo Sichonem –do not give it away]. Any compromises on this issue are forbidden.

Material aspects of Eretz Israel are bound up with its spiritual. That is why halachically it’s very earth is pure as is the very air [unlike the lands of the nations], to the extent that our sages [Talmud Tractate Bava Basra 158.2] state that the air of Eretz Israel makes man wise. This negative command of Torah not to relinquish the Land touches faith in G-d, as we see from the proceeding verses. This is because material matters of Israel go hand in hand with the spiritual.

This is especially so when we speak of a city on the border, that it is certainly forbidden to relinquish, as the code of Jewish Law lays down: ‘When gentiles besiege any city of the Jewish people, even if they have not yet arrived but are in the preliminary stages of approach, the law demands us to march forth fully armed, even to desecrate the Sabbath. The severity of this law becomes even more intense with regard to a border city: should a nation states that its approach is for no more than stubble and hay for their animals, the law demands us to march forth fully armed, lest they will conquer the city and from there the land will be easily conquerable before them. Today the situation is such that the entire land mass of Israel is in proximity to her borders. Therefore every single city has the law of ‘a city on the very border’. It is the obligation of each individual Jew to do all within his ability to be armed as is needed. Not in order to exhibit personal strength, but because this is the command of G-d in order to protect very many Jews who are on the borders. This conduct is demanded by the power of Shulchan Aruch.

All of this [living in Israel, and being armed for war] has no connection whatsoever with the beginning of the Redemption. G-d forbid to say this is the beginning of the Redemption! Maimonides states that the end of the Exile will be brought about by our righteous moshiach. The sign will be as follows: ‘There will arise a king from the royal house of King David … he will impel all Israel to walk in the ways of Torah and to strengthen her’. Initially Jews need to study Torah and perform Mitzvos, only then will He put an end to the darkness. Our righteous moshiach [who will be a soul within a body] will fight the wars of G-d and be victorious, ‘build the Temple in her place’ [on the Temple mount in Jerusalem], and only then will he bring about the in gatherings of Israel.

Yet even now in the exile even in a small village of Jews outside of the land of Israel, there is the clear law to go out to war armed, and desecrate the Sabbath if non-Jews besiege the town. It is forbidden to give away any part of the Land of Israel! [From the farbrengen of 10 Teves, 1978]

Sunday, July 23, 2006

From the Hand of G-d.

When giving Tzedoko [charity] to the Land of Israel, in addition to the value of tzedoko in its own right, there is an additional quality in that one is encouraging the inhabitants of Eretz Israel. This matter is especially relevant at this time. We are living through a time of double fold darkness of the exile. To the naked eye it appears that we are reliant on the ‘kindness of the nations’. We need to realize that the kindness of the nations contains within it an element of sin, in that all nations act with an aspect of self interest [Zohar]. When the Jewish People are recipient of such benefits, one has to realize the truth: that they have received this [ultimately not from the world community] but from
G-d, ‘The Guardian of Israel, Who neither slumbers nor sleeps’.

The nations are no more than an axe in the hands of the woodchopper, have in reality no choice in the matter, but are a vehicle through which G-d acts – an axe in the hands of G-d. From this understanding it is clear that it would be highly inappropriate for the Jew to bow and pay homage to the axe, and to turn it into a form of idol worship. And this remains true even if hand in hand with bowing before the axe [gentile] the Jew were to offer his prayers to G-d, and certainly not to turn the axe into the main focus of homage, instead of turning to the one who holds the axe [G-d]. Should one bow before the axe and also pray to G-d this is a form of forbidden idol worship [halachically known as ‘shituf’ – creating a false partner with G-d], a form of worship forbidden to the Jewish people. [In ancient times this took the form of faith in G-d with the mistaken belief that the stars and constellations were knowingly active in emanating energy to the world]. For a Jew, this belief constitutes a form of forbidden idol worship. Even should such a service be performed inadvertently, this remains idol worship. [The distinction would only be in the form of punishment, not a question of whether or not this forbidden service has been performed].

Therefore, it is a matter of absolute certainty that one must not be intimidated or feel dependant on nations who do not wield freedom of choice, regardless of the fact that benefits do come through them. To the absolute contrary: only when the Jewish nation stand strong before them in matters of self survival, and tie a firm bond with G-d; since ‘the hearts of kings are in the hands of G-d’ [Proverbs], and specifically because the spiritual energy powers of the nations see clearly that their source is from G-d; only then will the Jewish people will receive from them all of their needs. These nations do indeed offer financial assistance, but know – everything ultimately comes from G-d. It is because we are in a time of dark exile that it is through them that these benefits are channeled. They are no more that the agents of G-d.

Now since we are receiving from G-d, He will give ‘from His full, open, Holy, and broad hand’ [even when this runs via the channel of agents], generously, as our sages have said, ‘One who gives, gives with a good generous eye’ [Tractate Bava Basra 53.1]. [From the farbrengen of 19 Kislev, 1988]

Sunday, July 16, 2006


There is the clear instruction of Jewish law regarding a situation whereby gentiles who besiege a Jewish city. Even should they demand no more than stubble for their animals, even if in truth this all they want; even if they are only in a state of preparedness having not yet advanced, - the Torah commands to take up arms even on the Sabbath and take a firm stand on the borders in order to close off any entry of gentiles into the Land of Israel. In this command of Torah, this is not some inexplicable law but one within human reason, the intelligence from Torah. That, May G-d protect us, the land should not be laid open to them; it is an act veritably to save lives.

Anyone who wishes to interpret the law in Shulchan Aruch differently is on a collision course with Jewish law, opening up a road of life-threatening danger.

Jewish Law makes no distinction of location of such a city or area of land. May it be in time of exile [such as is now], or whether at a time when the Temple stood; whether outside the land of Israel, whether a city mostly inhabited by gentiles or where gentiles are no more than a minority, or in Israel. The ruling is, that if we are faced with a situation whereby the land lies open [to the enemy], there is no room for human calculations. Only ‘The word of G-d must stand for eternity’, and ‘They may make plots which will be annulled, construe plans which will have no standing, for G-d is with us’.

And so will it be, that the Jewish Nation lives and will continue, both in body in soul with their Torah as is the Will of G-d, and will study the Torah as is G-d’s desire, and those studying with will grasp the correct halachic interpretation as Torah lays down the laws [without taking note of this or that one’s advice as it is well known who is his advisor and what his personal interests are in offering such advice].

As we have stated, all bad situations will become null and void retroactively, because G-d is with us. As the verse continues, ‘until old age I [G-d] will hold you; that all negative situations G-d Himself will shoulder. The verse in Isaiah ‘Those who trust in
G-d will have [yachlifu koach] renewed strength [lit. change power], one who trusts in G-d and performs His Will, G-d will exchange his previously weakness for His Powers. An exchange, a gain, as Torah prescribes.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

‘Iron and copper shall be your locks’

The verse ‘Iron and copper shall be your locks’, is followed by ‘As in the days of your youth, so shall be your days of your old age’. Rashi offers two interpretations: [1] As the days of your youth are good and illuminated, so the days of your old age, which would normally be oozing and stumbling, will be illuminated days. [2] As long as you will conduct yourselves as is the Will of G-d, all nations will pour their gold and silver into the Land of Israel. Their wealth resources will be emptied out and bequeath to Israel. In this interpretation Rashi brings the word in Old French – ‘Ashkelon’e, meaning is that they will pour out. When Jewish People follow the Will of G-d, the gold will not be transferred in small increments, but will be poured out!! The implications of this insight are absolutely clear: If you will follow the Will of G-d, fulfil the law in Shulchan Aruch, that when a nation will make its approach even for no more than for fodder for their animals, take an armed stand and do not allow them to enter. Then you will be assured [since you have fulfilled the verse ‘iron and copper [your strong ones] are your locks’ on the borders, then the days of your old age will have the fortitude and strength of your youth [first insight], and gold and silver will pour into Israel from all lands [second insight]. These blessings are dependant on guarding Israel! As Rashi comments: ‘Now the verse speaks of all Israel: that their strong ones should inhabit the border cities so that the enemy not be able to enter her’.

A small child may ask: ’Even if we inhabit the borders, how will the open areas between the border cities be protected?’ When he will grow up he will understand that when they will stand guard with weapons [as the shulchan Aruch demands] those areas will be protected. And if they [the weak minded will say] we have no choice. If we need to stand guard with weapons, we need money to make these purchases, and this money from the Nations. This issue is also clarified by Torah. If we observe the Will of The Almighty, we will receive the funding. If there are some that will find a better interpretation in Rashi, I have no interest in taking up this argument with them. But now that we have reached a situation of serious threat to Jewish life, we must shout until they get the message!! The choice is not ‘peace or giving away land’, but ‘getting a bit of paper or giving away land!’ No investigations or discoveries what is going on behind closed doors are necessary to realize that this last year since their signing [which they call the ‘Peace Agreement’], there were many attacks [with Jewish people killed]. Since the Six Day War there has never been a year so full of attacks as in this year!

Egypt has again and again negated the peace agreement; Israel is full of regrets; admit your mistake in signing! You Israel have eaten enough stinking fish and taken sufficient whippings. The time to follow the word of G-d has arrived! As of now, stop giving! Take back what has been given! Clearly this path will bring no harm, only help, because thereby you will be walking with the power of G-d who has promised that your days will be like those of your youth. And speedily, we will arrive at the end - the true and full redemption through Moshiach our righteous one, immediately!
[From the farbrengen of 13 Tishrei, 1980]

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Security Continues to Plummet

This last year, instead of peace coming closer, the security situation has increased in severity. More terrorists have broken through into Israel’s territory; world security has worsened, causing a drastic drop in safety which in turn is harming Israel, may G-d protect us. All of this has come about by direct choices made by the Israel government.

Yet, there are still those who, for strange reasons, are not listening; that the subject in hand is a wisp of paper in return for giving away the Land. Rather, they obstinately shout out; ‘This is true peace; peace for our children, grand-children and progeny. Faced with a peace of such proportions, how can we place any value to bits of land?’

In reality, each step further they have taken in relinquishing land has multiplied the dangers. Now the government themselves are saying that they have filled with regret in spite of they having signed away land. They chose to state their regret after Yom Kippur; had they chosen to state this immediately following their signing the bit of paper on the following day [a year ago], they would never have reached the unfortunate situation they find themselves in now.

They publicise and announce, shouting of ‘Mazal Tov’ unabated, pat themselves on the shoulder and even say that they will go down in history as the Jews who brought peace. In truth, the results of this so called ‘peace’ has been great numbers of terrorists penetrating Israel (in far greater numbers than before their signing). In addition, defence costs have increased drastically.

Never has there been a situation of such severity as this past year. They thought that this year would be one of calm [‘and you will lie down in security’]; never have there been fears of such proportions as there are now, May G-d protect us! The severity is especially obvious since the enemy [‘seventy wolves’] have started to talk openly of their intentions. They take this line because they can see that Jews are afraid of them to such an extent that they need only to utter one word and immediately Jews are offering them more land. When they see that this line of action works, they openly enforce it.

In the end they will have no choice but to listen to the Shulchan Aruch. If this is so, why continue eating stinking fish and take whippings? Is it not worth while to follow the ruling laid out by the Shulchan Aruch [-not to give even one inch]? The commentator Rashi on the verse ‘Iron and copper shall be your locks’, clarifies – ‘the strong ones of Israel should live in the border cities and lock them up preventing the entry of Israel’s enemies.

Should the question be asked: ‘What? Only by signing this peace accord can we continue to receive money from America!’ The answer is: ‘The opposite is true! Only if you stand powerfully will you get this money!’
[From the farbrengen of 13 Tishrei, 1980]

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Israel Government - “Eating Stinking fish” Part 2

Signing away land in return for a piece of paper.

This signature flies in the face of Halachic Law and contrary to G-d’s Divine Will. Since G-d’s Word is eternal, this signature will contribute nothing! Why absorb contempt and whippings just so that the gentile world will smile at you! Demands will only grow in intensity! The Israel Government signed the paper presenting this to the Jewish People as “giving territory in return for peace” Jews shouted “Mazal Tov”, rejoiced and made a festival – “the peace agreement has been signed!”

The question should have been presented correctly: Do you want to hold on to the territories and forgo a bit of worthless paper, or shall we get a worthless bit of paper in return for giving away sections of our country? They did not just give away the land for worthless paper; they gave away valuable landholdings on the borders – cities standing guard over the borders, thereby opened up the land to the enemy. When I presented this argument to government representatives, I received this reply: The Jewish People are a fair and honest nation; we signed the paper, we are bound to fulfil our obligation.

Wrong! The government of Israel can only sign away their own personal possession and only for their own personal benefit [exactly as Egypt shouts that they will sign ownly for their own benefit, not for the benefit of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Iran]. They cannot sign on behalf of the entire Jewish people who are the owners of the land of Israel [every Jew owns a land portion of Israel]. Not one Jew relinquished his rights to the Israel government. To the absolute contrary: Jews argue that Eretz Israel is their eternal inheritance to an eternal nation from the eternal Master of the world. Every Jewish child, as soon as he begins his study of the Torah with Rashi’s commentary, learns that G-d showed His power to His people by giving them an inheritance from the nations [the land of Israel]. They argue – Jews signed and are obligated to their undertaking; never did they receive an agreement from the entire Jewish people for their signature. They did not receive any power of attorney from the owners of the land of Israel – who are all of the Jewish people of all generations. Their signature has no validity. Go to Washington and declare your mistake, since the owners of the land are in non agreement. Even those who did agree to the withdrawal were mislead, in not having been presented with the proposition in its true light: land for worthless paper, not land for peace. Even great Sages made admitted their mistakes. Now, the government makes a grave mistake, withholds the veracity, and argues instead that we cannot backtrack. When you give away land - it is lost! When you drive away Jewish people from their inheritance – it is lost! When you give away oil wells – it is lost!

Yet, G-d’s Word will stand for ever. G-d forbid to say these will ultimately be lost!

[From the farbrengen of 13 Tishrei, 1980]

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Eating Stinking Fish Part 1

Recently an additional shocking incident took place: The government of Israel handed over a further area [Sinai, area 3] to Egypt without receiving anything in return. What they did however receive was a message that this was not enough. We are speaking here of not just these areas given in isolation, but rather as a preparation to hand over all territories to include the Holy city of Jerusalem. The height of the scandal is that those who are perpetrating this crime are fully aware of the truth, but are falsifying stating that this will bring peace. This exacerbates the danger. From Talmudic texts we know that one who has one hundred in his possession wants 200, and immediately thereafter demands 400. We do not need to delve into ancient texts to see the reality of this progression: Egypt says so explicitly, print it in the newspapers, yet the Israel government tries to conceal the reality. But the facts wars against their pretence: see what the Egyptians are demanding!

Anyone with some degree of intelligence is not ashamed to state: “I was mistaken”. Even the truly great leaders of the Jewish People, the later day Sages, when they were mistaken, would say: “that which I said before you was mistaken”. The Torah avoids speaking disparagingly of anyone. Yet, in such an instance speaks most explicitly so that this can remain the basis of later day decisions.

Even more shocking: the Israel government is running after Egypt! They should learn from them! Take out the message from the words of our sages! Regarding the biblical period prior to the exodus of Israel from that land, our sages bring an analogy: A man stole stinking fish and ate them. Thereafter he refused to pay and he was whipped. When he could no longer bear the lashes, he finally paid. Regarding this it is said: He both ate the stinking fish, was whipped, and also finally found himself paying!

This is our situation today. In the end G-d Almighty will do as He wishes – the entire land will be intact for the Jewish people. So why lick up to Pharaoh King of Egypt? Why take insults, cause pain to Jewish people by banishing them from their livelihoods, not to allow them to live in the Old City of Jerusalem, and the Holy City of Hebron.

When I raised the alarm some years ago that Jewish people are opposed that the government of Israel turns the Old City of Jerusalem into a separate legal entity governed by Arabic law, different from the law governing Tel Aviv, Hadera, and the new City of Jerusalem and all other areas, - all of this imposed by Jews – the government of Israel responded to me: “There is no such law!” Only now has it become public knowledge that for twelve consecutive years the law existed offering favourable partiality to the Arabs: this an Arab may do, but not a Jew! And any Jew who did so was punished by the forces of the Jewish police! I raised my protest at this many years ago!

The government of Israel have eaten stinking fish, have been lashed, and now are speaking of their regret of having put their signature to the agreement!
[From the farbrengen of 13 Tishrei, 1980]

Friday, June 09, 2006

Gather Children to Proclaim: "Utzu Eitzo VeSufar!!"

We find ourselves still in total darkness of exile, before the redemption. There are forces at work preventing us from being united as one. He objects to the wholeness of the Jewish People, and this brings him to object to the wholeness of Torah, Jewish people living according to the Torah. He undermines the wholeness of Our Holy Land by objecting to the Halachic premise that millions of Jewish lives at risk. His wish is to lengthen the exile, May this never happen! There are Jewish People who are bitterly mistaken, who think that it is OK to cede away chunks of Eretz Israel, regardless of the fact that this is utterly contrary to a clear law in Shulchan Aruch laws of Shabbos chapter 329! Yet, they still hold of differing erroneous views objecting to the retention of the entire Land. In reality they object to the wholeness of Torah – of every law of Torah, specifically to the law pertaining to life-threatening situations. Thereupon pivots the observance of all of the laws of Torah and to the wholeness of the Jewish People, since we are addressing threat to their lives.

Therefore, when we gather together – especially Jewish children yet before bar-mitzvah age, whose breath has no sin, in a sacred spot, a synagogue, house of learning, a place of prayer and Torah study, and clearly proclaim the verse: ‘They contrive a scheme, but it will be foiled, conspire a plot but it will not materialise, for G-d is with us’ [Isaiah 8.10]; all schemes which are contrary to the law of Shulchan Aruch laws of Shabbos will most certainly become null and void, ‘because G-d is with us’. So did G-d rule in Torah, and command this be publicised, and to make it clear that when the subject is life-threatening it is forbidden to remain silent. It is forbidden to wait till people ask what is the law [The Baal HaTanya in his code of Jewish law [328.7] brings the Talmudic dictate: ‘one [a Rabbi] who waits till he is asked is offensive, because he should have gone public], announcing that it is forbidden to make any cession threatening Jewish life!

Jewish children have the special strength that this will take effect [Midrash Esther Raba 9.4 when Haman’s decree was nullified] and be fulfilled immediately in our time. We will see the failure of all plots and words that protests the wholeness of the Land by handing over any piece of land to a gentile, the failure of their attack on the Torah by words not rooted in Torah trying to convince people that this is Torah, knowing full well that this strikes against Torah.

When Jewish children will proclaim ‘Utzu Eitza Vesufar, dabru dovor velo yakum ki imanu Kel’, especially when this proclamation is made in a synagogue and house of prayer after the prayers and words of Torah, this will quicken the promise of G-d that their plans will be uprooted. Then ‘Moshiach will fight the wars of G-d and be victorious’, the Shulchan Aruch of G-d, Laws of Shabbos 329 will see victory; all the surrounding nations will admit no need for war, and the fulfilment of biblical verse ‘I [G-d] will grant peace in the Land’. The Jewish People will walk in the path that brings peace, ‘I [G-d] will lead you upright’, will hold on strongly to the path of Torah that declares G-d gave the Land to every individual Jew and to all the Jewish People collectively, for all generations!
[From the farbrengen 4 Elul, 1979]

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Rebbe speaks of his Upbringing

Once, someone asked me: “How is it that you are not hurt by insults, a second who abuses further, and a third outbidding all of those with his verbal abuse?” I replied: “It is my upbringing”. I am not saying that these do not bother me; but these do not affect me to change my ways. When events threaten human lives – it is forbidden to remain silent!” This is a clear Halachic declaration based on a clear and absolute Talmudic decision [Eruvin 45.1].

G-d helped me (not that this was my personal choice or desire) that I was the firstborn to my father who subsequently became the Chief Rabbi of Yekotrinoslav. In those days in Russia it was necessary to conduct disputes and send responsa to questions and verbal abuse; replies had to be in the Russian language. As I was the oldest son of the Chief Rabbi of the city, this responsibility fell upon me. [The fact that I was able speak Russian and was knowledgeable in further secular areas gave fuel to further abuse by those who were takers of bribery who were themselves knowledgeable in these fields but made a secret of this, whereas I did not].

I was trained in those days [some 60 – 65 years ago] not to wait for honourable titles, to sit, wait and remain silent. It is forbidden to take such a position. This is not the way I was educated and brought up. My opinion in matters of education is that where lives are under threat it is forbidden to remain silent even if you are sure that immediately [or tomorrow or the day after] so-and-so will bad mouth you. I will not be affected thereby. What is however harmful is that some time later there arrives a Jew who speaks outright lies. The issue is not one of the negative Torah command that it is forbidden to hand over territory to a gentile, but of lives under direct threat! In order that the public should not remain under any illusion, we spoke of this, repeated our words, put it in writing, had the issue put into print, published and requested that all interested parties publicise this: In Shulchan Aruch section Orach Chayim Laws of Shabbos siman 329 are written clear words on the matter. And yet, regardless, it has no effect and bothers him naught. It is meaningless to him, because he has taken monetary bribes!

I will not change my actions or forsake the path trodden out for me by my father and my teacher my father-in-law: “Take no notice of insult, even of a decree by gentiles!” Some argue: “You are annoying the gentiles!” My father-in-law had the choice not to be involved with the gentiles neither with the Yevseksia [Jewish anti-Semites]. He could have sat in peace and study with the members of his household and pupils and all those who wished to study with him. Had he done so, no-one would have harmed him. Certainly he had the opportunity to escape from there as did others [until this very day they remain shamelessly silent knowing fully well that they opened the road for others to give up their leadership, abandon their sheep and run for more secure pastures to study Torah in peace!]

My father-in-law did not abandon his flock. He remained up until the moment when he was forced to escape because they [the communists] prevented all possibilities for him to continue his work of spreading Torah and Judaism by arresting anyone who had any contact with him! To the contrary: when he crossed the border, he reconnected with those who remained in Russia.

And now we can see the fruits of his endeavours: G-d-fearing Jews, alive, learning Torah and observing Mitzvos, with the self sacrifice to spread Judaism.
[Spoken at the farbrengen 20 Av 1979]

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Rebbe to the Jewish People: “Raise your voice in Protest!”

What will be with Hebron after the government of Israel will give it away? They will say: “Now, since Hebron is the city of the Patriarchs, we will turn the city into a museum!”, and allow Jews also to enter Hebron. The handling of the museum is known: opening hours will be till 3pm or 4pm, perhaps even seven hours each day. Thereafter it will be locked and handed over to the Arabs, May G-d protect us!

The government have already established as law which states the location where Jews are permitted to live - outside of the borders of Hebron! The height of absurdity is that they pride themselves with the victorious conquest of Hebron. How should this victory express itself if not by permitting Jewish people to settle in Hebron?!

So, Hebron is a fait complete, but at the very least start protesting about their plans for Jerusalem, that the survival of Jerusalem should be assured!

I am sure that by my words spoken at this gathering I have gained many ‘good friends’ both here in the US and in Israel. But the main point is that these are not my words, but can be seen in the Talmud, Midrashim, Jewish Law where all this is written. My contribution has only been to repeat that which is already in print and public knowledge.

What I will add is as follows: Exactly as Torah was valid in the Sinai desert, in a small village in Russia, in Poland and in Galicia; in exactly the same way does Torah stand valid throughout the world today. No-one can change this or sell it off! This stands true even with regard to the tip of the Hebrew letter yud [a dot] in the Holy Torah. As the Midrash states that even King Solomon [of whom it is written “And Solomon sat in the throne of G-d”] had no permit to change even one single letter of Torah. This is certainly true that no one can change anything relating to the entire Jewish People, not throughout the exile, and certainly not in the Land of Israel!

The oft cited argument that one who finds himself in one location of the world should not be interfering with anything taking place it a different location – this is absolutely contrary to Torah. Torah states that the Jewish People are one nation [“one nation in the world”]. Exactly as no one can turn a gentile into a Jew even if 120 people decide that a gentile is a Jew; exactly so, no one can turn a Jew into a gentile even if this decision has the support of 120 votes! Should a Jew be at one world location he is one indivisible entity with every Jew throughout the world. As the first Lubavitcher Rebbe writes in his Holy Letter [chapter 31], that only when all the limbs of the body are healthy is the entire body healthy.

When however one limb is impaired, all the rest of the limbs need to raise their voice and shout out in protest that one of the limbs is impaired!

From the farbrengen Motzoi Shabbos Parshas Beshalach 1971

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Rebbe to the Government of Israel: "Stop Grovelling after the Arabs!"

In the days of the Hasmoneans there were four kingdoms ruling Israel. The Jewish people were divided in their method of dealings. On the one hand there were the Hellenists [Jews who had discarded their Jewish faith] who in line with their system of thinking, continuously grovelled after one or the other of these kingdoms caving in to all of their demands. The second category: not only did they not run after, flatter or fawn any nation; rather these nations nullified themselves. As the Talmud recounts how the Queen of Sheba voided herself to Rabbi Judea the Prince because of the strong stand for the principles of his faith.

Today we see the very opposite taking place. Israel runs after the Arabs and is prepared to give them everything. The main objective the government policy is to receive some word of praise from the gentiles. In the end Israel gets to the point of saying harsh words to the Arabs, but, behind closed doors tells them: “Please listen, for a specific reason we have no choice but to publicly raise our voice at you and state that we will under no circumstances agree to your demands. But please, know, we have already agreed to give in to whatever you want.”

We once spoke at length that today’s situation parallels that of the Seven day war against Aram. Israel won a resounding victory, yet they begged Hadad King of Aram for peace [Kings 1.20]. So too today, it is now three years [the Rebbe is speaking in 1971] that the government every single day is begging the Arabs to please agree to take back conquered territories.

I argued with a certain Israel diplomat: “Why are you pursuing negotiations with only one gentile [the Arabs]? If you were to negotiate with two different nations you would thereby benefit. When the gentile [Arab] sees that you have other choices and you aren’t bound to come on to him, because you have another partner with whom to negotiate, you will agree a price in the dealings”. He replied: “Now, that’s not nice, how canI mislead this gentile [Arab] or the other?” [This is what he actually said to me!]. I replied: “Wait, you are a diplomat, right? Can you please tell me of one single diplomat who has ever spent a day of which his 24 hours were truthful words?” He remained unconvinced. I said: “I will bring you proof of a gentile nation who is doing just this. Egypt negotiates this way, but differently to Israel who have no self respect. They pursue negotiations with a sense of self dignity. Egypt pursues negotiations with two nations at the very same time when they have needed to do so. They send a mission to Washington, and thereafter to Moscow. Both of these parties know that Egypt is connected to another party”.

After he heard this from me, he said: “I have to think about it”.

I continued asking him: “When you run after the gentile [Arabs] wanting to give away territory, why give him only Hebron the place of the Cave of machpela? Perhaps you should give him Jerusalem with the Western Wall!”

From the farbrengen Motzoi Shabbos Parshas Beshalach 1971

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Rebbe's Prophecy regarding Jerusalem

The Rebbe

What they did in Hebron they are now preparing to do to Jerusalem. Not just as of now, but already three years ago from when they conquered Jerusalem in the Six Day War (when they sent emissaries to the US, to the Vatican, to Nasser, to Hussein, with the question: “What should we do with Jerusalem?”) they are preparing to give away Jerusalem. Their intention is to turn the city into one of triple ownership. And that is not all. In their document of compromise they state that the city of Jerusalem will belong to the Christians, Muslims, and only finally do they add, to the Jews!

Were the truth to be stated, even historically speaking, not just from the halachic perspective [G-d stated so in the Torah], Jerusalem belongs exclusively to the Jewish People who lived there already one thousand years before the arrival of Christians and Muslims. Now the government if Israel wants that the city to belong also to the Arabs. But, as they did with Hebron – they cheated and lied to the world by writing that they are bringing Jewish People to live within twenty minutes of the Cave of Machpela; they are doing the same now. They are searching for a formula how to mislead everyone. Then they will be able to give away Jerusalem by their own self proclaimed approval.

The Arabs who lived in Jerusalem would have been happy had they been expelled, since they correctly thought that the first most appropriate thing that would be done would be to exterminate all those connected to terror, and to expel all the remainder.

In reality, not only did the government permit the Arabs to remain there, but in addition they gave to them everything they wished for. The government encouraged them to remain by reducing taxes, and giving them business incentives. As long as the Arabs would agree to remain there. The Arabs never anticipated that this is how things would turn! This is how the state of affairs continued for three years. Now, the government wants to hand over Jerusalem to Arab control.

One of the problematic outcomes of their permitting the Arabs to remain in Jerusalem is that when they wish to enact a new law, they necessarily have to follow the majority view. In the Old City of Jerusalem there live today 65,000 Arabs and no more than 400 Jews. Even these few entered Jerusalem unofficially. When they will enact a new law, they will necessarily need a majority vote! We are a democratic country, right?

Who knows where all this will lead….

[Spoken at a public gathering Shabbos Parshat Noach, second day rosh chodesh Marcheshvan, 1971]

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Lubavitcher Rebbe - Prophet of the Generation

Jewish Hebron

Words of Prophecy from The Lubavitcher Rebbe - The Prophet of our Generation

A Clear, precise prophecy on the Israel Government dealings regarding Hebron

In August 1968, about one year and four months after the Six Day War, Mr Zvi Caspi was appointed Consul for Jewish Affairs in New York. One month after his entry into his role he received a telegram from the assistant Prime - Minister Mr Yigal Allon. The essence of the telegram was as follows: “Address the Rebbe of Lubavitch and request of him in the name of the Government of Israel as follows:

1. He should instruct his Chassidim to take up residence in Hebron.
2. He should come out with a call to his Chassidim to settle in the Land (of Israel).

Caspi, till this very day is overwhelmed by the prophetic words he heard from the Rebbe regarding this call.

He was received by the Rebbe at 12 midnight. The Rebbe looked into the telegram and responded as follows:

“Chabad has claims to real estate property in Hebron; yet, you are not recommending us to inhabit Hebron. You will do in Hebron the same as you did in Nazareth. You will set up another Nazeret Elit. You will leave the Arabs in the city same as you did in Nazareth and to the Jews – you will throw them a pittance!”

In those days there was no hint yet of establishing the outlying suburb Kiryat Arba, yet, the Rebbe, foresaw this, saying this in explicit words. If I am not mistaken, the Rebbe even articulated the future name of the suburb which was to be established near by Hebron – ‘Kiryat Arba’.

The Rebbe spoke explicitly of the settlement near by Hebron and argued forcefully that this would be a grave mistake. Further into our discussion the Rebbe added (regarding what had been done in Nazareth and would be repeated in Hebron) “You have made severe blunder. These murderers waved a white cloth [surrendered by waving a white flag] and you permitted them to remain! Why were you afraid? A terrible fear overcame them when you entered the war – why did you not allow them to run away? You were afraid that the world community would speak negatively of you? The entire world is full of refugees!” The Rebbe concluded with a thread of pain: “This was a severe mistake; you will yet pay dearly for this. You are not recommending us to settle in Hebron, but rather to settle outside of the borders of Hebron the same as you did with Nazareth”.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Final Border Status Part 3

Jewish Land

One is fully entitled to approach the gentile and say to him in straightforward simple terms [quoting Ethics of the Fathers 5.10]: ‘Possessions belonging to me are mine; possessions belonging to you, are yours’. You have the expanse of the entire world; we have a tiny portion of land which cannot accommodate being populated by the nations [Talmud Tractate Gitin 57.1].The Torah commentator Rashi [Rabbi Shlomo Yizchaki] elaborates in his commentary on the portion Bchukosai [26.32]: ‘That which the verse forewarns ‘The Land of Israel will lie desolate’ [which appears to be a part of the Curses] is actually a blessing. When the Land is made Judenrein of Jews, then, gentiles also are unable to take possession of these areas!’ [Translator’s note: This ancient prediction inscribed in Torah has taken place before our very eyes in Gush Katif which remains utterly desolate of Arab inhabitants and production]. They are able only to move around there, but without firm inhabitation, to be there temporarily. But to reside there permanently - this can never be. This is the very nature of the earth of the Land of Israel. Since all of this has already been translated into English in the Bible, the nations of the world are well acquainted with this fact.

The government of Israel sent an emissary, a Jew, to negotiate with a gentile. What does he do? He begins to research non Jewish sources; perhaps there he will find proof for Jewish rights to the Land. When he finally is with the gentile and begins to prove that Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish Nation because Balfour said so, or please, it’s a rachmanus [pity] on those poor Jews and such like, the gentile realises that this is not a legitimate legal claim.

The claim must have strong legal justification [recognized also by the gentiles] that the Land of Israel and her borders belong to the Jewish Nation [aside from the greater borders as predicted in the Torah portion Re-ei 12.20 ‘When G-d will broaden your borders..’ after the arrival of our righteous Moshiach]. Even if the need be to pay the equivalent of 400 silver shekels, still, the lands are Jewish. The gentile will recognize the truth of this claim, which was not invented in 1948 [with the establishment of the State], but going far back in time to the Revelation at Mount Sinai, and even before to the Covenant with Abraham. Only then will the gentile be freed of the suspicion that if he will grant the Jewish nation one portion, they will not further their demand for a further portion, because the Jewish People are only asking for that which is rightfully his!

The government of Israel makes no effort to release itself from slavery to the international community. They know that their slavery will only end when sinning ends, by Jews returning to their faith. Then, ‘immediately will they be released from their exile’ [Maimonidies]. At this time we are still in a state of Exile, not as is the view of those who themselves are mistaken and mislead others [that 1948 was the time when the exile came to an end, and now we have entered the beginning of the Redemption]. Maimonidies states clearly that the exile will be prolonged up until the moment when ‘there will arise a king from the royal house of King David who will draw all of Israel to walk in the footsteps of the Torah that the breaches be repaired. Thereafter he [Moshiach] will fight the wars of G-d and be victorious, [all of this he will achieve whilst the Jewish People are still in exile]. Only thereafter will he build the [third] Temple in its rightful place and ‘he will bring about the ingathering of the dispersed ones of Israel.’

This is the great test for us to overcome in our times.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Final Border Status Part 2

THe Jordan River

And this is precisely what the Talmud states: “Our Torah should not be compared to their irrelevant words”. We have an iron wall, namely, the iron words of [the commentator] Rashi at the very opening of his commentary on the Torah. It is with this that we begin to educate a child when he begins to learn Chumash with the commentary of Rashi at the age of five. We tell him straight away: “[G-d] told His nation of the strength of His hand when He gave to them [The Jewish People] an inheritance of nations.” Rashi does not permit us to teach the child any conjectural interpretations. Rather, states with clarity, that there is a country which once belonged to seven nations [not that they had conquered it with the might of their own hands, but rather given to them by G-d]; subsequently He took it from them and gave it to us”.

There is absolutely no need to seek advice, come to any compromises, conspiracies, or deals as to where our borders ought to be and which territories belongs to them [the Arabs]! G-d Himself delineated and fixed the borders of the Land of Israel! “This is the Land ….her borders” [Numbers 34.2].

They [the government of Israel] have tried all formulas both openly and by secret agreements. Yet, this is the only composition they have not yet attempted with which to go public. This is the only wording which gentiles understand since they study the Tenach [which they call the Bible] with the very same verses and same interpretations!

Gentile already know the interpretation. Moreover, they know that the Jews also know this correct interpretation. And yet, the Jew chooses to cut himself off, to ignore his spiritual wealth and power and his true demand. In actual fact, this is not a demand or request, but is a natural, as the midrash [Tanchuma] explains: When G-d chose the Nation of Israel from amidst the nations, and chose the Land of Israel from amidst all lands, it is only logical that the land which the Creator chose should be given to the people whom the Creator chose!

By the use of this simple logic there fall away all question of borders [where are the borders of Israel]. Then, not only does the issue no longer cause panic and fear, but even the gentiles will know that the Jews [by demonstrating their rightful demand] are “the most powerful amongst the nations” [Talmud Betza], and that the basis upon which they [the Jewish people] take possession [of their rightful lands] is because they [the gentiles] know that “The word of G-d will stand for ever” [Isaiah 40.8].

(From a public address 11 Nissan 1976)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Final Border Status Part 1

There are two ways of negotiations with a gentile [to determine the borders of the Land of Israel]. The first is to state: I am a Jew. I represent the Jewish People and the Jewish faith. Therefor I ask of you to grant me all that I request. Since we live in exile, G-d desires that we work through natural means by approaching the minister of that country (who is connected to the heavenly ministering angel of that country) and speak to him diplomatically in his own language. Yet, hand in hand, the Jew must speak with clarity and determination, stating his demand. This method of negotiations was determined by Abraham out Patriarch who stated: “I am both a non resident and a citizen amidst you”. Meaning, if you will concede and grant the Jew what is owing to him, I will accept the status of a non-resident in exile, and to pay 400 silver shekels for the merchandise. Even given this diminish status, G-d has commanded Jewish entitlement. [As is known the maxim of the Rebbe’s of Lubavitch, that only the physical bodies of the Jewish People have been given over into exile; no our souls. Therefor a gentile is not empowered to argue that since a Jew is in exile he cannot receive his demand]. However, if the gentile is not in agreement, then the Jew will state his demand as an entitlement, a citizen, and take this without offering payment.

The second line of negotiations with a gentile to determine the borders of Israel is that the Jew says that our entitlement stems from a certain gentile from London who said that the Jewish People need a homeland. When the gentile hears this he comes to the conclusion that this Jew has no proof of entitlement form Jewish sources, that is why he reverts to claiming his rights from a gentile. In response he says: True, a gentile did state the need to prepare a Jewish homeland, however now, one hundred and forty gentiles disagree. Who is to say that one solitary gentile [Balfour] holds the determining view? [Actually, this argument of the gentile is correct. He is no master to decide that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. Rather, this is the will of G-d who initially granted this land to them (the Canaanites), and his consequent wish was to take it from them and grant it to us].

We are in exile (we operate via all natural means even to of praying for the peace of the city…. because through this will have peace). Yet, the essence of our words must be utterly truthful with no hint of falsity [which is contrary to Torah] because falsity will lead to results contrary to those we anticipated.

All the tribulations, which we are living through now, are because Jewish people built their case on that declaration written by a gentile in London! Jewish people regard that gentile as the master who deciding who should receive “the Land … upon which the eyes of G-d gaze from the beginning of the year to the end of the year”. The matter does not end there. They attempt to find favour in his eyes and subjugate themselves to him – asking an additional gentile “where are the borders [of Israel]? Where do the territories of the Land belonging to Jewish People end? What were the intention, both apparent and undisclosed, of the Jew who signed a piece of paper in London?

(From a public address 11 Nissan 1976)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Government does not permit Jews to renovate the synagogue of Abraham the Patriarch!

The Avraham Avinu Synagogue

[The following talk was spoken by the Rebbe in response to the government of Israel forbidding Jewish people from restoring the Abraham the Patriarch Synagogue in Hebron. This was after Professor Ben-Zion Tavgar together with members of the Jewish community of Hebron were searching for the synagogue whilst still buried under a goat shed. Through the trials endured by the professor and his helpers to expose the synagogue, they were evacuated time and time again upon the instruction of the Israel government.]

The entire land of Israel was given (by G-d) to the Jewish people as an everlasting inheritance. No one has any permit to cede any area of the Land of Israel. The question arises: this is a matter which is so obvious, why, then do we have to review this repeatedly? The reason is: the exile is so dark that there are Jews who point a finger of accusation at the Jewish people: “You are thieves”. We need to conduct ourselves with righteousness and return the territories of the Land of Israel. They misinterpret Torah, may G-d protect us to the extent that they say it is demanded to steal land owned by Jews and give it to the gentiles to avert life threatening danger. In actual fact the exact opposite is the truth! As we saw, after the signing of the unfortunate Camp David Accord, security personnel stating that the signing was a severe blow: if they will return Yehuda and the Shomron this will be a cause of severe danger to every Jew in the Holy Land. The halachic ruling in Shulchan Aruch 329.6 states: even gentiles who argue that they are approaching merely for stubble and straw, it is forbidden to open the borders to them because the entire land is thereby at risk. Nevertheless, regardless of the serious danger, the government of Israel is determined to return Yehuda and Shomron, but dress this in various façades such as autonomy, self-rule etc, concepts of no real content. One should not contemplate that they will be satisfied with this. We see that the view of the Arabs representatives is that this is insufficient. All of the territories must be surrendered.

In this great darkness a shocking event occurred. All agree that Arabs may purchase land in Hebron as may Jews. This is certainly where Arabs agree is rightfully a Jewish place such as the synagogue of Abraham the Patriarch {it is irrelevant whether or not this was in fact the synagogue of Abraham]. If an Arab may renovate his house, Jews are permitted to renovate their synagogue. Factually however, the government conducts itself in accordance with the words of our sages, ‘one sin leads to the next sin’. Not only does the Israel government want to give self rule to the Arabs of Yehuda and the Shomron regardless of the fact that this poses danger as attested to by all military experts, - more so: they do not permit Jews to renovate the synagogue of Abraham the Patriarch! They do not permit this because they are afraid of the gentiles, and have no shame in stating so. Similarly they do not want to interfere with the internal affairs of the Arabs. Only the Arabs benefit from this. The government of Israel comes and pats the Arab on his shoulder and says to him: “You are our brother! Choose for yourself a leader and no one will mix into your affairs!” One sees the direct clash of the two issues – the synagogue of our Patriarch Abraham and the internal affairs of the Arabs, - and no one utters a word of protest on the shocking collapse and degradation! If this is not enough, they take soldiers who sacrifice themselves to protect our Holy Land and our Holy people and make use of their self sacrifice to throw out Jews from the synagogue of Abraham our Patriach in Hebron! Regardless, everyone is silent.
(From a public talk spoken Simchas Torah 1979)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

And the Government of Israel continues to Blunder

Damascus Gate
The Rebbe repeatedly stated that it is a sacred obligation to broaden the Jewish settlement in the Old City of Jerusalem. Thereafter, the Rebbe spoke at great length and in fine detail that great efforts should be expended to settle not just the Jewish Quarter but also houses in the Moslem Quarter and the nearby buildings. “In my view”, said the Rebbe, “this is not just a Mitzva of inhabiting the Land of Israel, but additionally an urgent mission which must be activated. Every single person is obligated to offer assistance. We must prove our rightful ownership of Eretz Israel.” The Rebbe said with great pain: “G-d has wrought for us miracles. It is inexplicable that the Government of Israel does not fulfil its obligation”.

Then the Rebbe explained: “Upon the freeing of Jerusalem and Hebron I turned to high standing officials and repeated my request several times regarding the houses outside of the Jewish Quarter within the walls of the Old City. I requested that they inhabit the many houses and areas in Hebron.” “They are telling me”, the Rebbe continued, “that the matter runs contrary to the policy of the government in order not to anger the gentiles, and offer the same response regarding Jerusalem!” The Government of Israel made a serious mistake that immediately upon the release (of Jerusalem) they did not lay their hands upon all these houses and did not inhabit them with Jewish People. This is inexplicable!”

“I believe”, the Rebbe continued, “that it is not yet too late. However, it is not possible to do today what could have been done immediately after the Six Day War. If today matters cannot be carried out with strength, this can be achieved with money. Action must be taken; buy the houses and populate them with Jewish People so that Jews will live not just in the New City but also within the walls, where I have heard there live no more than 400 families. This is not enough!” The Rebbe requested that I meet with Minister Burg, then asked us our view of the policy of the government and her actions. When we replied that we are insufficiently versed in politics, the Rebbe responded: “I see that you are avoiding talking to me about politics”. The Rebbe continued talking of the political situation in Israel and how there are Jews causing harm to the Jewish people there such as the group ‘Shalom Achshav’ and Knesset members who follow them who hold battle with Torah Jews, and repeated: “What is your opinion?” I responded that this is one of the shocking things that have befallen the Jewish People, and it is painful that there also are a number of religious who follow them.

The Rebbe said that this is not all, these are men with exile in their spirit and hearts. Freedom of the body is not sufficient. The main thing is to expel the exile from within the heart. These men have not succeeded in freeing themselves. It is still lodged in their hearts. He repeated the expression “exile within the heart” many times arguing that this is holding back the redemption, and expressed himself in this way: “One has to take action to extricate the exile from the hearts of Jews in the Land of Israel. They are not free men as long as the exile remains in their hearts.”

This expression to expel the exile from the heart was known to us from the Rebbe previously when he spoke of his objection to the Camp David agreements. I told the Rebbe that this idea had made a great impression on the people since he first spoke of this and that we had repeated this expression many times with inhabitants of the Old City, also I personally in the structure of my work. When I said this satisfaction was visible on the Rebbe’s face. I added that it seems that the sole unifying factor of the Prime Minister and Knesset members is to retain their seats as minister. The Rebbe sighed deeply and asked: “Where is the voice of the religious?” I replied that their voice is ineffective, their representation has been cut by one third and that many regard the religious parties in the Knesset as blackmailers beyond their position.

(From a private interview with Mr. Moshe Stern, 7 Iyar 1982)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Terrifying Destruction of Jewish Communities

We have all witnessed and seen the terrifying destruction of the Jewish Communities of Gush Katif and Amona by the Jewish hands of the Government of Israel. Rabbi Y. Y. Schneersohn the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, foresaw in his crystal clear vision that this would take place at the end of days [the exile]. He spoke actual words of prophecy. Here we present his words spoken sixty one years ago, 26th day of the Jewish month of Adar, 1945, on the occasion of the fifty year celebration since the establishment of the Lubavitcher Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim.

Men and Women, see, and listen!

In the Land of Israel there is taking place the slow annihilation of Jewish children. Many anti-religious people amongst the group of leaders whose responsibility is to help the orphans, children of survivors of the holocaust, in the Land of Israel, have put together a corner of destruction for those children who were put into their hands.

In the territories conquered by the Germans, Hitler set up destruction camps to harm and burn the bodies of Jewish people; in [the land of] Israel a certain group have set up houses of destruction to harm and to burn Jewish Souls.

‘The corner of destruction’ is busy with the destruction of children, orphans of the remnant of the Jewish people, educating the children by Hamans bent on the same path and education of the men of the Yevseksia [Jewish communists], sons of the G-d-less.

These Hamans are teaching the children to desecrate the Sabbath, to eat non-kosher food, to eat on Yom Kippur, to eat leaven bread on Passover, and do not even permit the children to recite the kaddish prayer to recall their parents who were murdered sanctifying G-d’s Name. They teach the children to scoff at G-d and Judaism.

These orphans who are receiving their education from the Hamans of whom we have spoken, will yet tear apart Torah scrolls, burn down Jewish synagogues, tear up Jewish cemeteries, organise pogroms, stab, burn, and shoot at Jewish bodies, violate and plunder the property of others.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Israel Goverment repeats History: Grovelling before the Arabs

The Bible [Kings 1: 20.32] recounts the Seven-Day War which took place in the time of Ahab king of Israel. Hadad king of Aram went out to war against Israel earning a huge defeat to such an extent that he thought that never again would he recover. In spite of this, Ahab ran after him begging him to sign a peace treaty. The King of Aram, who hated Ahab with a deadly passion, thought that Ahab hated him to the same degree, could not understand how Ahab wants to strike a peace treaty with him. His advisors explained to him that the Jewish people are a merciful and compassionate nation. So if they are requesting peace, they will agree to such a treaty. Indeed, after considerable persuasion Hadad agreed and sent emissaries to Ahab, and the peace treaty was signed. From this agreement immeasurable pain was borne by the Jewish Nation as recounted there at length.

Such an incident took place two years ago at the time of the Six-Day War. The Israel defence forces smote the Arab forces a resounding defeat; the Arabs fled out of great fear. Yet, Israel ran after the Arabs, begging them: ‘please, come and sit with us around the table. Come; let’s make peace!’ It is already two years they are running after the Arabs begging them to sit together and sign a peace treaty, in return for which Israel offers all the territory they want. Yet, the Arabs show reluctance to meet with the Jews, arguing we have enough trouble of our own, we are not interested in your benevolence or your wrong. Not your honey nor your sting. The Arabs are prepared to bear the loss of half the country that Israel wants to give them on a silver tray, so long as they do not sit together with a Jew. This strange situation has only one explanation: What is taking place here is that ‘G-d hardened the heart of Pharaoh’. The Arabs have no reason not to sit with the Jews, and have nothing to loose. G-d is hardening their hearts.

The grovelling of the Israel government to the Arab nations after the awesome victory of the Six-Day War does not end there. The rulers of Israel want to cut up Jerusalem the Holy City into three pieces. For the Muslims, the Christians and ‘also’ to the Jews. And that is not all: they encourage the Arabs to live in Jerusalem. This is despite the fact that Jerusalem since time immemorial belonged exclusively to the Jewish People: since the time of Shem the son of Noah, Abraham the Patriarch, and the conquest of Jerusalem by King David.

Further more there is an explicit Halachic ruling that, in addition to it being harmful to him, a gentile is forbidden to live in Jerusalem. However this law is only in force when the hand of Israel is strong in the Land; but this does not mean that a gentile should be encouraged to live there. Certainly not to run after him begging him to stay.

If until now the Arabs were fearful of Israel, this grovelling after the Arabs is the direct cause that now they raise their head against Israel and increase their terror attacks.

(From a farbrengen Parshas Mattos-Maseh, 1969)