Monday, May 01, 2006

Final Border Status Part 2

THe Jordan River

And this is precisely what the Talmud states: “Our Torah should not be compared to their irrelevant words”. We have an iron wall, namely, the iron words of [the commentator] Rashi at the very opening of his commentary on the Torah. It is with this that we begin to educate a child when he begins to learn Chumash with the commentary of Rashi at the age of five. We tell him straight away: “[G-d] told His nation of the strength of His hand when He gave to them [The Jewish People] an inheritance of nations.” Rashi does not permit us to teach the child any conjectural interpretations. Rather, states with clarity, that there is a country which once belonged to seven nations [not that they had conquered it with the might of their own hands, but rather given to them by G-d]; subsequently He took it from them and gave it to us”.

There is absolutely no need to seek advice, come to any compromises, conspiracies, or deals as to where our borders ought to be and which territories belongs to them [the Arabs]! G-d Himself delineated and fixed the borders of the Land of Israel! “This is the Land ….her borders” [Numbers 34.2].

They [the government of Israel] have tried all formulas both openly and by secret agreements. Yet, this is the only composition they have not yet attempted with which to go public. This is the only wording which gentiles understand since they study the Tenach [which they call the Bible] with the very same verses and same interpretations!

Gentile already know the interpretation. Moreover, they know that the Jews also know this correct interpretation. And yet, the Jew chooses to cut himself off, to ignore his spiritual wealth and power and his true demand. In actual fact, this is not a demand or request, but is a natural, as the midrash [Tanchuma] explains: When G-d chose the Nation of Israel from amidst the nations, and chose the Land of Israel from amidst all lands, it is only logical that the land which the Creator chose should be given to the people whom the Creator chose!

By the use of this simple logic there fall away all question of borders [where are the borders of Israel]. Then, not only does the issue no longer cause panic and fear, but even the gentiles will know that the Jews [by demonstrating their rightful demand] are “the most powerful amongst the nations” [Talmud Betza], and that the basis upon which they [the Jewish people] take possession [of their rightful lands] is because they [the gentiles] know that “The word of G-d will stand for ever” [Isaiah 40.8].

(From a public address 11 Nissan 1976)


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