Sunday, May 07, 2006

Final Border Status Part 3

Jewish Land

One is fully entitled to approach the gentile and say to him in straightforward simple terms [quoting Ethics of the Fathers 5.10]: ‘Possessions belonging to me are mine; possessions belonging to you, are yours’. You have the expanse of the entire world; we have a tiny portion of land which cannot accommodate being populated by the nations [Talmud Tractate Gitin 57.1].The Torah commentator Rashi [Rabbi Shlomo Yizchaki] elaborates in his commentary on the portion Bchukosai [26.32]: ‘That which the verse forewarns ‘The Land of Israel will lie desolate’ [which appears to be a part of the Curses] is actually a blessing. When the Land is made Judenrein of Jews, then, gentiles also are unable to take possession of these areas!’ [Translator’s note: This ancient prediction inscribed in Torah has taken place before our very eyes in Gush Katif which remains utterly desolate of Arab inhabitants and production]. They are able only to move around there, but without firm inhabitation, to be there temporarily. But to reside there permanently - this can never be. This is the very nature of the earth of the Land of Israel. Since all of this has already been translated into English in the Bible, the nations of the world are well acquainted with this fact.

The government of Israel sent an emissary, a Jew, to negotiate with a gentile. What does he do? He begins to research non Jewish sources; perhaps there he will find proof for Jewish rights to the Land. When he finally is with the gentile and begins to prove that Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish Nation because Balfour said so, or please, it’s a rachmanus [pity] on those poor Jews and such like, the gentile realises that this is not a legitimate legal claim.

The claim must have strong legal justification [recognized also by the gentiles] that the Land of Israel and her borders belong to the Jewish Nation [aside from the greater borders as predicted in the Torah portion Re-ei 12.20 ‘When G-d will broaden your borders..’ after the arrival of our righteous Moshiach]. Even if the need be to pay the equivalent of 400 silver shekels, still, the lands are Jewish. The gentile will recognize the truth of this claim, which was not invented in 1948 [with the establishment of the State], but going far back in time to the Revelation at Mount Sinai, and even before to the Covenant with Abraham. Only then will the gentile be freed of the suspicion that if he will grant the Jewish nation one portion, they will not further their demand for a further portion, because the Jewish People are only asking for that which is rightfully his!

The government of Israel makes no effort to release itself from slavery to the international community. They know that their slavery will only end when sinning ends, by Jews returning to their faith. Then, ‘immediately will they be released from their exile’ [Maimonidies]. At this time we are still in a state of Exile, not as is the view of those who themselves are mistaken and mislead others [that 1948 was the time when the exile came to an end, and now we have entered the beginning of the Redemption]. Maimonidies states clearly that the exile will be prolonged up until the moment when ‘there will arise a king from the royal house of King David who will draw all of Israel to walk in the footsteps of the Torah that the breaches be repaired. Thereafter he [Moshiach] will fight the wars of G-d and be victorious, [all of this he will achieve whilst the Jewish People are still in exile]. Only thereafter will he build the [third] Temple in its rightful place and ‘he will bring about the ingathering of the dispersed ones of Israel.’

This is the great test for us to overcome in our times.