Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Lubavitcher Rebbe - Prophet of the Generation

Jewish Hebron

Words of Prophecy from The Lubavitcher Rebbe - The Prophet of our Generation

A Clear, precise prophecy on the Israel Government dealings regarding Hebron

In August 1968, about one year and four months after the Six Day War, Mr Zvi Caspi was appointed Consul for Jewish Affairs in New York. One month after his entry into his role he received a telegram from the assistant Prime - Minister Mr Yigal Allon. The essence of the telegram was as follows: “Address the Rebbe of Lubavitch and request of him in the name of the Government of Israel as follows:

1. He should instruct his Chassidim to take up residence in Hebron.
2. He should come out with a call to his Chassidim to settle in the Land (of Israel).

Caspi, till this very day is overwhelmed by the prophetic words he heard from the Rebbe regarding this call.

He was received by the Rebbe at 12 midnight. The Rebbe looked into the telegram and responded as follows:

“Chabad has claims to real estate property in Hebron; yet, you are not recommending us to inhabit Hebron. You will do in Hebron the same as you did in Nazareth. You will set up another Nazeret Elit. You will leave the Arabs in the city same as you did in Nazareth and to the Jews – you will throw them a pittance!”

In those days there was no hint yet of establishing the outlying suburb Kiryat Arba, yet, the Rebbe, foresaw this, saying this in explicit words. If I am not mistaken, the Rebbe even articulated the future name of the suburb which was to be established near by Hebron – ‘Kiryat Arba’.

The Rebbe spoke explicitly of the settlement near by Hebron and argued forcefully that this would be a grave mistake. Further into our discussion the Rebbe added (regarding what had been done in Nazareth and would be repeated in Hebron) “You have made severe blunder. These murderers waved a white cloth [surrendered by waving a white flag] and you permitted them to remain! Why were you afraid? A terrible fear overcame them when you entered the war – why did you not allow them to run away? You were afraid that the world community would speak negatively of you? The entire world is full of refugees!” The Rebbe concluded with a thread of pain: “This was a severe mistake; you will yet pay dearly for this. You are not recommending us to settle in Hebron, but rather to settle outside of the borders of Hebron the same as you did with Nazareth”.