Monday, May 29, 2006

The Rebbe to the Jewish People: “Raise your voice in Protest!”

What will be with Hebron after the government of Israel will give it away? They will say: “Now, since Hebron is the city of the Patriarchs, we will turn the city into a museum!”, and allow Jews also to enter Hebron. The handling of the museum is known: opening hours will be till 3pm or 4pm, perhaps even seven hours each day. Thereafter it will be locked and handed over to the Arabs, May G-d protect us!

The government have already established as law which states the location where Jews are permitted to live - outside of the borders of Hebron! The height of absurdity is that they pride themselves with the victorious conquest of Hebron. How should this victory express itself if not by permitting Jewish people to settle in Hebron?!

So, Hebron is a fait complete, but at the very least start protesting about their plans for Jerusalem, that the survival of Jerusalem should be assured!

I am sure that by my words spoken at this gathering I have gained many ‘good friends’ both here in the US and in Israel. But the main point is that these are not my words, but can be seen in the Talmud, Midrashim, Jewish Law where all this is written. My contribution has only been to repeat that which is already in print and public knowledge.

What I will add is as follows: Exactly as Torah was valid in the Sinai desert, in a small village in Russia, in Poland and in Galicia; in exactly the same way does Torah stand valid throughout the world today. No-one can change this or sell it off! This stands true even with regard to the tip of the Hebrew letter yud [a dot] in the Holy Torah. As the Midrash states that even King Solomon [of whom it is written “And Solomon sat in the throne of G-d”] had no permit to change even one single letter of Torah. This is certainly true that no one can change anything relating to the entire Jewish People, not throughout the exile, and certainly not in the Land of Israel!

The oft cited argument that one who finds himself in one location of the world should not be interfering with anything taking place it a different location – this is absolutely contrary to Torah. Torah states that the Jewish People are one nation [“one nation in the world”]. Exactly as no one can turn a gentile into a Jew even if 120 people decide that a gentile is a Jew; exactly so, no one can turn a Jew into a gentile even if this decision has the support of 120 votes! Should a Jew be at one world location he is one indivisible entity with every Jew throughout the world. As the first Lubavitcher Rebbe writes in his Holy Letter [chapter 31], that only when all the limbs of the body are healthy is the entire body healthy.

When however one limb is impaired, all the rest of the limbs need to raise their voice and shout out in protest that one of the limbs is impaired!

From the farbrengen Motzoi Shabbos Parshas Beshalach 1971


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