Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Rebbe's Prophecy regarding Jerusalem

The Rebbe

What they did in Hebron they are now preparing to do to Jerusalem. Not just as of now, but already three years ago from when they conquered Jerusalem in the Six Day War (when they sent emissaries to the US, to the Vatican, to Nasser, to Hussein, with the question: “What should we do with Jerusalem?”) they are preparing to give away Jerusalem. Their intention is to turn the city into one of triple ownership. And that is not all. In their document of compromise they state that the city of Jerusalem will belong to the Christians, Muslims, and only finally do they add, to the Jews!

Were the truth to be stated, even historically speaking, not just from the halachic perspective [G-d stated so in the Torah], Jerusalem belongs exclusively to the Jewish People who lived there already one thousand years before the arrival of Christians and Muslims. Now the government if Israel wants that the city to belong also to the Arabs. But, as they did with Hebron – they cheated and lied to the world by writing that they are bringing Jewish People to live within twenty minutes of the Cave of Machpela; they are doing the same now. They are searching for a formula how to mislead everyone. Then they will be able to give away Jerusalem by their own self proclaimed approval.

The Arabs who lived in Jerusalem would have been happy had they been expelled, since they correctly thought that the first most appropriate thing that would be done would be to exterminate all those connected to terror, and to expel all the remainder.

In reality, not only did the government permit the Arabs to remain there, but in addition they gave to them everything they wished for. The government encouraged them to remain by reducing taxes, and giving them business incentives. As long as the Arabs would agree to remain there. The Arabs never anticipated that this is how things would turn! This is how the state of affairs continued for three years. Now, the government wants to hand over Jerusalem to Arab control.

One of the problematic outcomes of their permitting the Arabs to remain in Jerusalem is that when they wish to enact a new law, they necessarily have to follow the majority view. In the Old City of Jerusalem there live today 65,000 Arabs and no more than 400 Jews. Even these few entered Jerusalem unofficially. When they will enact a new law, they will necessarily need a majority vote! We are a democratic country, right?

Who knows where all this will lead….

[Spoken at a public gathering Shabbos Parshat Noach, second day rosh chodesh Marcheshvan, 1971]