Friday, June 09, 2006

Gather Children to Proclaim: "Utzu Eitzo VeSufar!!"

We find ourselves still in total darkness of exile, before the redemption. There are forces at work preventing us from being united as one. He objects to the wholeness of the Jewish People, and this brings him to object to the wholeness of Torah, Jewish people living according to the Torah. He undermines the wholeness of Our Holy Land by objecting to the Halachic premise that millions of Jewish lives at risk. His wish is to lengthen the exile, May this never happen! There are Jewish People who are bitterly mistaken, who think that it is OK to cede away chunks of Eretz Israel, regardless of the fact that this is utterly contrary to a clear law in Shulchan Aruch laws of Shabbos chapter 329! Yet, they still hold of differing erroneous views objecting to the retention of the entire Land. In reality they object to the wholeness of Torah – of every law of Torah, specifically to the law pertaining to life-threatening situations. Thereupon pivots the observance of all of the laws of Torah and to the wholeness of the Jewish People, since we are addressing threat to their lives.

Therefore, when we gather together – especially Jewish children yet before bar-mitzvah age, whose breath has no sin, in a sacred spot, a synagogue, house of learning, a place of prayer and Torah study, and clearly proclaim the verse: ‘They contrive a scheme, but it will be foiled, conspire a plot but it will not materialise, for G-d is with us’ [Isaiah 8.10]; all schemes which are contrary to the law of Shulchan Aruch laws of Shabbos will most certainly become null and void, ‘because G-d is with us’. So did G-d rule in Torah, and command this be publicised, and to make it clear that when the subject is life-threatening it is forbidden to remain silent. It is forbidden to wait till people ask what is the law [The Baal HaTanya in his code of Jewish law [328.7] brings the Talmudic dictate: ‘one [a Rabbi] who waits till he is asked is offensive, because he should have gone public], announcing that it is forbidden to make any cession threatening Jewish life!

Jewish children have the special strength that this will take effect [Midrash Esther Raba 9.4 when Haman’s decree was nullified] and be fulfilled immediately in our time. We will see the failure of all plots and words that protests the wholeness of the Land by handing over any piece of land to a gentile, the failure of their attack on the Torah by words not rooted in Torah trying to convince people that this is Torah, knowing full well that this strikes against Torah.

When Jewish children will proclaim ‘Utzu Eitza Vesufar, dabru dovor velo yakum ki imanu Kel’, especially when this proclamation is made in a synagogue and house of prayer after the prayers and words of Torah, this will quicken the promise of G-d that their plans will be uprooted. Then ‘Moshiach will fight the wars of G-d and be victorious’, the Shulchan Aruch of G-d, Laws of Shabbos 329 will see victory; all the surrounding nations will admit no need for war, and the fulfilment of biblical verse ‘I [G-d] will grant peace in the Land’. The Jewish People will walk in the path that brings peace, ‘I [G-d] will lead you upright’, will hold on strongly to the path of Torah that declares G-d gave the Land to every individual Jew and to all the Jewish People collectively, for all generations!
[From the farbrengen 4 Elul, 1979]


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