Sunday, June 25, 2006

Israel Government - “Eating Stinking fish” Part 2

Signing away land in return for a piece of paper.

This signature flies in the face of Halachic Law and contrary to G-d’s Divine Will. Since G-d’s Word is eternal, this signature will contribute nothing! Why absorb contempt and whippings just so that the gentile world will smile at you! Demands will only grow in intensity! The Israel Government signed the paper presenting this to the Jewish People as “giving territory in return for peace” Jews shouted “Mazal Tov”, rejoiced and made a festival – “the peace agreement has been signed!”

The question should have been presented correctly: Do you want to hold on to the territories and forgo a bit of worthless paper, or shall we get a worthless bit of paper in return for giving away sections of our country? They did not just give away the land for worthless paper; they gave away valuable landholdings on the borders – cities standing guard over the borders, thereby opened up the land to the enemy. When I presented this argument to government representatives, I received this reply: The Jewish People are a fair and honest nation; we signed the paper, we are bound to fulfil our obligation.

Wrong! The government of Israel can only sign away their own personal possession and only for their own personal benefit [exactly as Egypt shouts that they will sign ownly for their own benefit, not for the benefit of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Iran]. They cannot sign on behalf of the entire Jewish people who are the owners of the land of Israel [every Jew owns a land portion of Israel]. Not one Jew relinquished his rights to the Israel government. To the absolute contrary: Jews argue that Eretz Israel is their eternal inheritance to an eternal nation from the eternal Master of the world. Every Jewish child, as soon as he begins his study of the Torah with Rashi’s commentary, learns that G-d showed His power to His people by giving them an inheritance from the nations [the land of Israel]. They argue – Jews signed and are obligated to their undertaking; never did they receive an agreement from the entire Jewish people for their signature. They did not receive any power of attorney from the owners of the land of Israel – who are all of the Jewish people of all generations. Their signature has no validity. Go to Washington and declare your mistake, since the owners of the land are in non agreement. Even those who did agree to the withdrawal were mislead, in not having been presented with the proposition in its true light: land for worthless paper, not land for peace. Even great Sages made admitted their mistakes. Now, the government makes a grave mistake, withholds the veracity, and argues instead that we cannot backtrack. When you give away land - it is lost! When you drive away Jewish people from their inheritance – it is lost! When you give away oil wells – it is lost!

Yet, G-d’s Word will stand for ever. G-d forbid to say these will ultimately be lost!

[From the farbrengen of 13 Tishrei, 1980]


At 9:08 AM, Anonymous ytba said...

Is it "just a coincidence" that on Gimmel Tammuz Israel is forced to re-enter Gaza? ...and in a manner that is so uncharacteristicly bold that it flies in the face of world opinion?

I don't think so.

Jews WILL return to Gaza for good, and also recover all the Land Hashem has given to us, as our Prophets assure us, may it be soon.

But in the meantime we must, as this blogger does, raise our voices as much as possible to insist that those in power do so. And if they don't, to ask that Hashem give us leaders who will.

At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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