Sunday, July 16, 2006


There is the clear instruction of Jewish law regarding a situation whereby gentiles who besiege a Jewish city. Even should they demand no more than stubble for their animals, even if in truth this all they want; even if they are only in a state of preparedness having not yet advanced, - the Torah commands to take up arms even on the Sabbath and take a firm stand on the borders in order to close off any entry of gentiles into the Land of Israel. In this command of Torah, this is not some inexplicable law but one within human reason, the intelligence from Torah. That, May G-d protect us, the land should not be laid open to them; it is an act veritably to save lives.

Anyone who wishes to interpret the law in Shulchan Aruch differently is on a collision course with Jewish law, opening up a road of life-threatening danger.

Jewish Law makes no distinction of location of such a city or area of land. May it be in time of exile [such as is now], or whether at a time when the Temple stood; whether outside the land of Israel, whether a city mostly inhabited by gentiles or where gentiles are no more than a minority, or in Israel. The ruling is, that if we are faced with a situation whereby the land lies open [to the enemy], there is no room for human calculations. Only ‘The word of G-d must stand for eternity’, and ‘They may make plots which will be annulled, construe plans which will have no standing, for G-d is with us’.

And so will it be, that the Jewish Nation lives and will continue, both in body in soul with their Torah as is the Will of G-d, and will study the Torah as is G-d’s desire, and those studying with will grasp the correct halachic interpretation as Torah lays down the laws [without taking note of this or that one’s advice as it is well known who is his advisor and what his personal interests are in offering such advice].

As we have stated, all bad situations will become null and void retroactively, because G-d is with us. As the verse continues, ‘until old age I [G-d] will hold you; that all negative situations G-d Himself will shoulder. The verse in Isaiah ‘Those who trust in
G-d will have [yachlifu koach] renewed strength [lit. change power], one who trusts in G-d and performs His Will, G-d will exchange his previously weakness for His Powers. An exchange, a gain, as Torah prescribes.