Sunday, July 02, 2006

Security Continues to Plummet

This last year, instead of peace coming closer, the security situation has increased in severity. More terrorists have broken through into Israel’s territory; world security has worsened, causing a drastic drop in safety which in turn is harming Israel, may G-d protect us. All of this has come about by direct choices made by the Israel government.

Yet, there are still those who, for strange reasons, are not listening; that the subject in hand is a wisp of paper in return for giving away the Land. Rather, they obstinately shout out; ‘This is true peace; peace for our children, grand-children and progeny. Faced with a peace of such proportions, how can we place any value to bits of land?’

In reality, each step further they have taken in relinquishing land has multiplied the dangers. Now the government themselves are saying that they have filled with regret in spite of they having signed away land. They chose to state their regret after Yom Kippur; had they chosen to state this immediately following their signing the bit of paper on the following day [a year ago], they would never have reached the unfortunate situation they find themselves in now.

They publicise and announce, shouting of ‘Mazal Tov’ unabated, pat themselves on the shoulder and even say that they will go down in history as the Jews who brought peace. In truth, the results of this so called ‘peace’ has been great numbers of terrorists penetrating Israel (in far greater numbers than before their signing). In addition, defence costs have increased drastically.

Never has there been a situation of such severity as this past year. They thought that this year would be one of calm [‘and you will lie down in security’]; never have there been fears of such proportions as there are now, May G-d protect us! The severity is especially obvious since the enemy [‘seventy wolves’] have started to talk openly of their intentions. They take this line because they can see that Jews are afraid of them to such an extent that they need only to utter one word and immediately Jews are offering them more land. When they see that this line of action works, they openly enforce it.

In the end they will have no choice but to listen to the Shulchan Aruch. If this is so, why continue eating stinking fish and take whippings? Is it not worth while to follow the ruling laid out by the Shulchan Aruch [-not to give even one inch]? The commentator Rashi on the verse ‘Iron and copper shall be your locks’, clarifies – ‘the strong ones of Israel should live in the border cities and lock them up preventing the entry of Israel’s enemies.

Should the question be asked: ‘What? Only by signing this peace accord can we continue to receive money from America!’ The answer is: ‘The opposite is true! Only if you stand powerfully will you get this money!’
[From the farbrengen of 13 Tishrei, 1980]


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