Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Government of Israel silenced a murder!

The issue [of not returning land] is not because of the holiness of Jerusalem, ‘but rather that the Land not be easily conquered by them’. Those that say it is permissible to relinquish an inch of land in the Golan, Yehuda and the Shomron, are offering their Halachic permit to the Temple Mount, the Old City of Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Kfar Chabad, Kiryat Sanz, and all of Israel, because each location which they may wish to relinquish, the law applies that ‘from there the entire land will be accessible to be conquered’. People come and publicise that this law applies only to Yehuda and the Shomron, and is not linked to the laws of Shabbos. This is absolutely contrary to what is written in Shulchan Aruch. All the above reasons bring the danger into Bnei Brak, Kfar Chabad, Tel Aviv, Hadera, Natzeret, on the Old and New City of Jerusalem, and the entire Land, May this never happen!

When they silenced the murder of Salma and convinced themselves that thereby there will be quiet, they went a step further stating that this policy will bring peace to Israel and that this is the way to bring true peace, May G-d Protect us! This is what brought about the second murder in the City of our Patriarchs, Hebron! Thirty six hours have already gone bye yet we have not heard of any act taken, just one meeting after the next. How did they finally punish the inciter? They took him and threw him to be amongst his brother Arabs. Instead of keeping him in jail in Hebron, they expelled him [ - the mayor of Hebron, to Jordan] to be amongst his fellow Arabs when he is free to give him opinions, plot and incite others – all in the name of the Mayor of Hebron, City of the Patriarchs! Why did the Israel Government choose to free him? There he is able to cause much more damage to Israel then had he been kept in prison?

The reason they kept this quiet is not for the benefit of Jews, to the contrary: They have no regard for Jews. That some youngsters will come and protest – they will let them protest – and thereafter the Israel government will continue the way they want. Initially they will have no choice so they will let the youth take hold of a piece of land, and after a few weeks the order for them to be evicted will be given. Why did they keep silent about the murder? They are afraid that Washington will hear that they have no strength left, to the degree that a young Jew is shot dead and Jews are being killed by shootings and hand grenades in the middle of the night in an open spot where 60 – 70 inhabitants live. These goings on are published outside of Israel even before be published in Israel because there they try to keep this secret or at lease to delay publication several hours. However when the incident has gone public outside of Israel they have no choice but to let it be published in Israel.

They tried to hide the fact, but to no avail: America saw what sort of rag cloth the government is! Israel is being trodden on the head - Jews are being murdered in the City of the Patriarchs - and the Government of Israel responds with nothing!!

[From the farbrengen Motzoi Lag BeOmer 1980]


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