Sunday, August 13, 2006

How the Israel Govenment thinks

A shocking incident took place in the city of Hebron: A boy [Yehoshua Salma] was shot [dead] May G-d avenge his blood. He was unarmed, in the city! This incident itself shows us with whom we are dealing. Apart from this, even before the murder, the [Arab] mayors of the city and the surrounding towns spoke openly of their intent; now it has taken place. No-one should dare argue that we are at peace, and that all Arabs, specifically those in the city who have blood on their hands, will even be lovers of Israel! Suffice to say that G-d’s hand was there for all to see, clear as the sun, [with whom we are dealing]. Indeed, this is apparent to entire world community. Yet, there remain still some individuals, to our sorrow, are guided by their crude nature, who remain unmoved by this affair. More: they know even today the whereabouts of the perpetrator of this murder. The entire world is aware that there are outstanding spies, who know how to perform in secret, matters that require stealth and secrecy, as in discovering the identity of an enemy, with the Mossad and Shabak.

Now several weeks have elapsed, with all of the praiseworthy security services, and they have not yet found the one who shot that Yeshiva boy! The sole reason for not finding him is this: they do not want to find the murderer as they are fearful of what the gentiles will say if they do find him and will be forced to take punitive action. That is why they ‘are not finding him!’ The murder took place in the middle of the city, not in a desert, where there are underground connections and co-partners amongst the Arabs with information of every thing that is taking place undercover, still – they announce: We don’t know, we cannot find him, and take no action against the one who shot Yehoshua Salma, May G-d avenge his blood! The matter deteriorated to such an extent that the following day the entire incident left the pages of the newspapers! They completely stopped talking of any security responsibility to find the murderer and accessories to the crime and the need to respond with appropriate action to teach them a lesson they will remember.

What is even more incomprehensible: it is well known that when they were searching for Yoselle Schumacher – they took no notice of world opinion. They took their mind away from the security of three million Jewish souls in the Holy Land, and instead they sent their spies to traverse the entire world at huge expense to find the well known Yoselle. Yet, now, we are dealing with bloodshed in the City of the Patriarchs, weeks have elapsed, and no-one makes a murmur of where is the murderer! The only discussion is, was this initially intended or not, to find the murderer? They were fearful of him being found, even with all avenues are available through covert spies in the Arab camp. I am hereby not exposing anything new, this is known to all. Yet, there is a further opinion: they know who committed the murder, and where he can be found. However, if they publicise this they will have no choice but to capture him. But, since they will thereby possibly upset so and so [one of Israel’s enemy ‘peace partners’], they decided to stop talking of this so that the entire incident be forgotten in order that silence and peace will continue to prevail, as they call this ‘peace on Israel’.

Is this the sort of peace for which they [the Israel government] goes for, to overlook all [killings]? Absolutely yes! They want to overlook everything, not as is the view of those who mistakenly believe that this will stop at the door to Jerusalem, the Holy City. It is a foregone conclusion that they intend to cede Jerusalem!! They are only waiting for the appropriate moment that the storms will settle, then they will prepare the wording – with the help of several diplomats and politicians, to offer this on such a tray whereby they will speak of incidental irrelevant side issues with no emphasis on the true central issue, that they are giving away Jerusalem the Holy City; and in such a way, that no one will even notice, in order that there will be no complaints [From the farbrengen Motzoi Lag BeOmer 1980]


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