Sunday, August 27, 2006

A lesson in values and strategy for the Israel Government

You need to make a stand with all the military power G-d has granted you. When ‘we will stand by the banner of our G-d’, and ‘we will invoke the name of our G-d’ [Psalms 20.6 & 8], then the enemy [‘the hands of Esau’] will become null and void.

Hand in hand with reliance on G-d, weaponry is vital [Shulchan Aruch: Go out to attack fully armed!] as we find that this was the stance taken by our Patriarch Yaakov. When he was about to meet with Esau he prepared with both prayer, gifts and for war. Initially with prayer, then with gifts and then, if necessary, for war. We must learn from our ancestors, from Yaakov. That together with prayer, the enemy must know that we are prepared to go out to war. When we are prepared, and equipped for war, there will be no war! Exactly as we saw what took place with Yaakov, that Esau never ever went our to war against him when they met, but instead, kissed him, and then he went on his way, and Yaakov and his entourage went to live in the Holy Land.

We see what is going on in the Holy Land of late. The moment they submit to pressure – this is an invitation to further pressure, to killings, of many Jewish souls, as took place in the Yom Kippur War.

May we not have to rely on miracles as was in the past when Jews wanted to cede parts of Israel, G-d acted miraculously and the gentiles were not in agreement to take [because they wanted everything]. Never should we be prepared to relinquish land from within the borders of Israel.

Specifically with this method – not by submitting to pressure which will only result in human sacrifices and to further exertion of pressure; but rather with a powerful stand not to forsake one inch of the Holy land. Only in this way will wars be averted and ‘no man will go missing’, not even one [- an entire world]. Not only does a strong stand prevent wars, but, in addition, nullifies all pressure to such an extent that those who previously initiated the pressure ultimately offer assistance, as we have seen on so many previous occasions.

‘All nations of the world will see the Name of G-d upon you and will fear you’ when the nations will see Jewish People pre-occupied with Torah and declaring openly [their allegiance] to G-d, calling to G-d, they will fear you.

This is the only way to bring true peace at the end of these days of the exile when there will be the fulfilment of the Divine Promise: ‘In the end Israel will repent at the end of the exile with the true and full redemption through our righteous Moshiach. [From the farbrengen tenth Tevet 1978]


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