Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Israel Government making deals with Murderers and Terrorist

The Shomron
[The following two talks were spoken [Purim 1985] by the Lubavitcher Rebbe after the secret ‘London Agreement’ to hand over further territories to the enemy].

Rather than initiating a policy of uniting the Shomron now that Jewish people have merited living in areas of Yehuda and Shomron and surrounding them with protective walls and authorising many new cities in Israel to draw down blessing; instead of this, the government of Israel is running after [not just gentiles, but] murderers and terrorists, in order to find favour in their eyes they should just agree to take from us areas of land in Judah and Shomron! And that’s not all. They have no shame in doing this openly and in public! Such a downtrodden situation of bowing before the gentile in such a disgraceful fashion has never taken place even outside of Israel in the exile! And most shocking - they still argue that this is the beginning of the Redemption! They announce: Arise and join us – we are ready for anything: a joint government – we will train together, autonomy, the main point being that we should be able to sit together round a table with those murderers and terrorists! They themselves know that they are murderers and terrorists, that after they will promise and sign they are not to be relied upon. That even after they will have the signed document in their hands, this has no more value than a bit of paper!

This is analogous to a man sitting round a table with a murderer to come to an agreement, and at that very moment the murderer holds in his hand a dagger and stabs him!

The staggering thing is that they will not learn from past mistakes. This is not the first time that they want to return territories in return for a peace agreement. There is a precedent with the signing the fateful Camp David contract [strangely the location is named after David, King of Israel!] where they returned to Egypt everything in return for a signature for peace. Today, everyone is in agreement what a severe mistake this was. Yet, nevertheless the government of Israel continues in the same path now in connection with Yehuda and the Shomron.

It is worth while that we make mention of some of the outcomes of that contract with Egypt in order to open their eyes. Jewish people who toiled, laboured and sweated to build new towns in the land of Israel - were expelled from their homes and lands, men, women, and children! And that is not all: the government forced soldiers who are prepared to sacrifice their lives in order to protect the land of Israel and those that dwell there, - that they must expel Jews from their homes in the land of Israel! Young soldiers who go with innocent and pure hearts to protect the land and those that dwell there, putting their lives at risk, are forced [using the fact that they are obliged to obey orders to men of flesh and blood] to do this! For what? To give these lands to gentiles, amongst them Egypt, the root of all Exiles. Every Exile which Jews have suffered, Babylon, Media, Greece, the West; the source of all of this tragic history was Egypt!


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